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This is Lois Huang. Welcome to visit my homepage.

"Lois and Clark" definitely is my favorite TV show. Four years, I watched this show, and fallen in love with every role-Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Johnason and Martha Kent. Every one, every plot, or episode made me learned so much. I admired their love. It put them together, so tight, so incredible and so pure. I can't image anyone love each other so much, like soul mate. It's so real that easier to make you forget this is not true, just a comic, a story, a TV show. Even though that, I still like it, and hope to find someone love me like this, one day. And I think Lois is so lucky to be with Clark, wherever she is, he always be there, even though he got left, just like he said "and I always come backˇK" So does Clark, although she usually made a lot of troubles.

I feel sorry that it be canceled. I don't think it's over. Having a baby is not the end. I believe many FoLC wanna see the fifth season be aired, and maybe this time we will have a happy ending.

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