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Welcome to Amy's Web Site

Hi! My name is Amy Lynch. I'm a recent graduate of Louisiana State University in Speech-Language Pathology. Currently I'm teaching for the St. Louis Public School System. I'm teaching a self-contained middle school classroom for children with speech and language impairments.

If I had to summarize my most distinctive interests I'd mention my love for my family and my pets, my profession, playing piano, singing, and reading science fiction and fantasy books. Click here to find out more about my past, family, friends, and pets.

Having spent long hours web browsing searching for good resources in several different areas, I'm choosing to share them with you. Just see the menu below. Enjoy!!

More About Me --
Find out more about my background, family, friends, and pets.
Speech Language Pathology Resources --
This is a collection of resources of interest to speech language pathologists starting with the ASHA website and including sites on stuttering, stroke, dysphagia, and more. (under construction)
Teaching Resources --
Here I've collected sites useful to teachers including places to find lesson plans, get teaching tips, order classroom supplies, etc. (under construction)
Online Bookstores --
On this page I've listed some of my favorite online bookstores, and a few wonderful search engines that allow you to do comparison shopping between online bookstores easily. I've also included some sites that allow you to search for out of print books.
Ferret Information and Resources --
Look here for links to all sorts of ferret sites ranging from basic information about ferrets, to places online to buy supplies, to fun things like ferret postcards and surveys.
Email Me --
If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions about anything you find on my website, please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.

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