Satanic Ritual Abuse and How It Effects Lives

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Photo above is of Moses Holding up the two tablets after God had given him the 10 commandments.

SRA had effected me in so many ways. I suffered from not getting to know Jesus earlier in my life, fear of Halloween, {which has originally a day that was for Christ}, Christmas and birthdays. My mind had been brain washed to believe that If I talked about the cult that bad things would happen to me. This year was probably one of the hardest times of my life. In fact, I have just gotten out of the hospitals because of the the flashbacks of what happened to Michael had taken over my every thought, or so it seemed.

If you are a survivor Of SRA {Satanic Ritual Abuse}, please email me so that I can add your opinion also. Together we can help those that are suffering from this torturing abuse. PLEASE WRITE!

Jesus is all Powerful and can help us to over come even the scariest things, like Cults.

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