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This is my dragon, George. He watches over my castle. But don't worry....he is a friendly dragon. You can adopt a cute little dragon like this one just click on George's birth certificate.

TaDa...here's what I look like.
Okay, okay so that was a few years ago...but wasn't I cute? hehehe
Here's what I look like now. Don't look a day over 30....yeah, right. lol lol

About Ladee Di... First of all, I am writing this because, well, she couldn't think of anything to say. So here goes. The basics: she is a 54-year-old accountant in Southern California, who loves to make friends on the Internet, teach Tri-Chem painting, dance, and just have fun. On a more biased note...Ladee Di is a great friend to have, a blast to be around, a great cook and never fails to have a smile on her face. Don't miss out on a chance to get to know this great "Ladee"! Jennifer Ann

This was my faithful companion Sandee. On January 15,2000, after almost 19 years, I had to put her to sleep. Sure miss my Sandee, but know she is in a better place.


My knight will take you through my
castle. Just scroll down and tap on
where you want him to take you.

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