Hi there! My name is Pam, and WELCOME TO MY WORLD! Come in and relax, grab a cup of coffee, a doughnut (it's ok to dunk here), find a comfortable chair, and stay awhile. I originally created these pages for my offspring, but somehow this has become a site for anyone who is 'family oriented', which includes most of us, I hope.

My Family Album link will tell you all about me, and I'd love for you to see those pages. They include anything that's REALLY important to me, and will help to explain the links which I've placed to other sites. If albums and pictures are not 'your thing', then I hope you'll find something else here to enjoy. I have added a page which describes my own personal accomplishments, just because my friends have asked me to. But, within my heart, my children are the everlasting achievements of my life. Any of the other 'things' which I have done or experienced only pale by comparison.

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