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"Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" has been reviewed by professional reviewers across the United States and Canada. But, Barry is also very interested in what you, the reader, have to say. You can submit your review, comments, or feedback on the first chapter, or on the book itself, for hundreds of Web surfers to view! Just click REVIEW and send your comments to us anonymously or signed. We will post the best reviews.
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As "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" is now available to the general public (see our Browse & Buy Page), we shall also be posting your book reviews and feedback on this page, in addition to first chapter reviews. If there is enough demand for additional contests, all reviews received will be automatically entered into the next contest. The opinions of you, the readers, is very important to us at the "Twilight Dynasty Website". Barry will consider your comments in future novels as he continues to spin theTwilight Dynasty Mythos.


Reviews of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil"  will be posted below as and when received:
- In the September 2001 issue of Miscellaneous Ramblings, reviewer Kristy Stewart says of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil":

"Not only did this book question your faith, it pushed you to the edge of your seat. Barry Smith did a superb job introducing all of the characters, and there were a lot! He did it in such a way that  each is unique. You will remember, and know all of them...  This book held my complete attention from the moment that I picked it up. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the supernatural, or just enjoys a good suspenseful read!"

- "Rambles, A Cultural Arts Magazine" has posted the following review of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil":

"This is a story filled with sex, death and the clash of good versus pure evil... The story is presented in an easy-to-follow style that can make the book somewhat difficult to put down at times... Regardless of Smith's belief system, this story has enough angels, demons, past-life regressions, Wicca and heated spiritual discussions to offend anyone who is not open to viewpoints on religion that differ from their own."

- The Muskokan has published a very interesting review of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" under the headline, "Ritual Murder and Dirty Sex: Thriller set in Muskoka seems to have it all, for those who want it". Although it is almost a full page article complete with photos, here is the gist of it:

    "...Smith's book is smoothly written for the most part, sort of a Dean Koontz-meets Danielle Steele-meets L. Ron Hubbard-style... the novel is a real page-turner, and it's a heck of a lot of fun to see Muskoka used as a location... There's something in this book for everyone. For horror/slasher movie fans, there's a couple of 'maiden sacrificed on stone altar' scenes that are most gratifying. For born-again Christians, there's a safe-haven monastery in Bracebridge, run by a Father Fleming, an exorcism or two, and... There's sex -- dirty sex, even... I stayed up late reading this book. It took about four hours. It was compelling -- a page-turner, certainly."

- "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" has been listed on the SF Site under "New Arrivals" with the following write-up: "A supernatural thriller which the author based on 'his experiences with past-life regression and consultations with psychics. His protagonist, the worldly and successful Kyle Morrow, searches his past lives for solutions to his modern-day problems: Women, money, and his stagnant career. Unfortunately, his venture into the spiritual world brings back a mythic monster with murderous tastes...'"

- A new review has been posted by Huntress Book Reviews. You can read the full review by clicking HERE. The reviewer, Detra Fitch, says of Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil, "A lot of action and suspense in this story! ...it all added up to make a thrilling ride into the unknown territory of Life

- Dragons, Knights and Angels Magazine says: "Bravo for Barry H. Smith... The characters in Twilight Dynasty are compelling and believable. The story is intense and a page turner. I found myself at 2:00 AM one morning thinking 'drat, do I really have to go to bed. I've only got a hundred pages left to read.'...  (Reviewed by Rebecca Shelley, Editor, DKA Magazine)

- The Rotarian Magazine has published the following review in its September 2000 issue under the "Rotarians in Action: Rotarian Authors" section:

       "The past haunts us in countless ways. Rotarian Smith's novel of the supernatural, set in a lush, green Canadian landscape, delves into 'the mysteries of the mind, and the very secrets behind man's existence.' As protagonist Kyle Morrow discovers from past-life regression sessions, there are worse things than memories to spring from the past to destroy mankind. Morrow, a divorce attorney who is drawn into a twilight realm of nightmare and shadows, is forced to do battle with evil creatures intent on destroying his soul and the souls of others near to him."

- The Charlotte Austin Review has posted the following review of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" on their website:

     "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil is a thrilling and frightening tale that is impossible to put down.
      It should definitely be read with the lights on. A novel you wonít soon forget, even if you try."

- The following review has been posted on the Spicy Green Iguana site:
"Oh, how I thought I would not like this book! Itís fantasy. It speaks of demons and sacrifices.             WhateverÖ   But I must admit, Twilight Dynasty held my interest and forced me to read it in almost a single sitting. Five hours straight! It was that good . . . it opened my eyes to dark fantasy and initiated me properly... The foreboding cover didnít hurt either.
"Twilight Dynasty is about a man named Kyle and his past life regressions. In the present, he must battle contemporary foes in order to protect his niece, and ultimately, the world. With the aid of a psychic, Kyle learns who his dark demon is and discovers it is none other than one of the most respected and powerful men in Canada. Barry H. Smith has done an excellent job in revealing the plot layer by layer at the appropriate time. His supernatural tale is a definite thriller and should not be missed...  I would give Twilight Dynasty a definite thumbs-up (with smile).                                                                           (Review by  Matt Hayes)  - For the full review, click HERE!

Click on the Iguana to visit the Spicy Green Iguana site :

- John Challis, co-founder of the Muskoka Times, writes that "Twilight Dynasty is an unusual book by Barry H. Smith, a family lawyer from Toronto... author Smith... keeps his book clipping along at a good pace. One is never left pondering how long it will take to reach the next twist of plot."

- "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil" was rated "Highly Recommended" (about 4.5 on a scale of 5) by Under The CoversBook Reviews: Books Worth Reading Past Bedtime. Click HERE to join the over 3.9 MILLION visitors who have visited this site to read its 3,400 book reviews!

- BookBrowser, the Guide for Avid Readers, has also published a favourable review of "Twilight Dynasty" under its "Horror" Review section. (The "Huntsville Horror" will be pleased!)  Surf BookBrowser for over 3,000 book reviews.

- Pam Stone of MyShelf.com has posted the following review:
        "TWILIGHT DYNASTY is an upfront supernatural thriller that will hold you in your seat or scare you right out of it... Barry H. Smith has written a captivating book of supernatural terror.  Itís filled with cults, magic, demons and heavenly visitors.  It is very well written and will most likely hold the attention of those who thrive on this genre."
        The full review can be read HERE or (if this link doesn't work for you) go to theSuspense Page and scroll down the booklist.

- Harriet Klausner, a well-known reviewer for Painted Rock Book Reviews, wrote the following review of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil":
    "Terrorizing horror story! ...TWILIGHT DYNASTY: COURTING EVIL is formulaic horror complete with successful evil, demons from hell, heavenly visitors, and magical spells. Though seemingly by the book, Barry H. Smith provides his audience with a terrific terrorizing tale that compares the modern day New Age movement with early Judeo-Christian roots. Fans of in your face horror will devour this story line and demand more novels from Mr. Smith."
(Note - Click on the logo below to visit the Painted Rock Website. This site features book reviews, author profiles, writer workshops, research, a writer's magazine, and much, much more!)

-  Ronald Damien Malfi of Maryland writes: "A nocturne of horror... Very impressive...  I very much appreciated the fact that... (the author) didn't feel limited to writing in one specific genre.  I think it is important for artists to push the boundaries a little, to reach a bit further than those before them.  I am anxious to read the next installment..."

- Chris (Smoggy) Walmsley BA (Hon), MPhil, is a well-respected writer at Francis Ford Coppola's  ZOETROPE STUDIOS. Chris' expertise is the study of Popular Fiction. He writes: "Barry I have to say first and foremost that I really enjoyed this book... Your prose style is exciting - once I began reading I couldn't put it down - and the pages kept turning in my hands. The success of a good thriller is speed and you start with a full throttle and keep going. I also found many of the characters well drawn and appealing.  I did have some problems with the novel, mostly minor. I loved the Atlantean flashbacks that were very reminiscent of the pulp fiction sword and sorcery yarns that I read when I was 11 - all leather lust and let them have it... a damned good read. Overall I found the story exciting and... superbly told. I assume a sequel is in the offing... What else can I say. This was money well spent and can you do the same with the next one?"

- Christen of MD, U.S.A. writes: "Having read Twilight Dynasty, I must first tell you that (Mr. Smith's) use of the language is amazing, and the images... are wonderfully vivid.  From the first page, I was unable to put it down, immersed in the intrigue, the darkness, and the beauty.  This story is tremendously powerful, and an exhilerating ride for the imagination."


The Best First Chapter Review for our Autumn 1999 "Best Review" contest was submitted by Christopher Garland, who was the winner of a free autographed copy of "Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil". The Reviews of the Contest Winner and First Runner-Up are posted below:

First Prize goes to: Christopher Garland
Christopher writes: "...Plotwise, your chapter is consistantly interesting, it in no way bores
the reader, but rather does, indeed, make the reader want to keep reading... Your setting seemed well thought out in the manner that you were able to describe it in considerable detail. Although you switched it from past to present very frequently, you were able to transition it well, so that one did not get the past and the present intertwined. In general your details were very rich,  ...you did introduce a wide variety of characters, and unlike many authors I have read, you kept them very individual. What I mean by this is that is seems that in fantasy novels I often find characters that seem exactly alike, their personalities seem
to merge into one, and it gets very confusing who's who... you were able to establish who the character was in relation to the others very well, by the end of the chapter I was not looking back to see that I was not mistaking one for another."
Chris, thanks for your review of Chapter One. I know that I throw a lot at the reader in the first chapter, both with the number of characters and with the switch of settings. Once the reader's head is suitably spinning, trying to figure out who the main character is and where this story is going, the story does take a consistent direction; but, don't be fooled, you won't know where this story's really going until you get there. Enjoy the journey!

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