Pursuing Family History is like

Traveling Through Time


This web site is solely for the purpose of sharing family history information with those who may have the same or similar ancestral lines. While I have recorded information as accurately as possible, there could be errors that will be corrected as they are subsequently proven.

Welcome to my Time Travel Center.

The TIME MACHINE is fueling up and getting ready to make another trip along the space-time continuum. You're welcome to join me on my journey searching for my ancestry.

First stop - Franklin, NH


Acres/Akers, Annis, Arlin, Bailey, Barnard, Barney, Batchelder, Bean, Beebe, Beedle, Bicknell,Blake,Brockett, Bullock, Carr, Chase, Church, Cilley, Clifford, Clough, Coffin, Colby, Damon, Deans Dearborn1, Dearborn2, Dodge1, Dodge2, Dyer, Eaton, Elkins, Elliot, Farwell, Fogg,Follansbee, Garland, Glines,Huntington, Jenness, Jones, Keniston,Knight, Leavitt, Long, Ludlow, Need help with the Lufkin line, Marston, Merrill, Morrill, Morse, Noyes, Peck Pettingill, Rawlins/Rollins, Read, Roberts, Sanborn, Can you solve the Seavey puzzle? Senter, Shaw, Short, Smith, Stevens, Stewart Sweenie, Tenney1, Tenney2, True,Tuells, Whittemore, Williams,Wooster/Worcester,

Scottish lines - Sweenie, Deans, Hamilton, Young, Lyle, Lawson, Shirra, Clelland, Miller, Boyd, Morrison, and more. Interested? contact me for more information.

Deerfield, NH Town Records Marriages (partial) or Deerfield, NH Families taken from the Deerfield town records - partial.
Cilleys in Andover, NH, I copied all the Cilleys from the Andover NH records(LDS microfilm #0015553) for another researcher and decided to post it here.

"He who takes no interest in the history of his ancestors does not deserve to be remembered by his posterity."

(taken from the title page of "Rolls of The Soldiers in the Revolutionary War 1775,to May 1777..." NH)

E-mail me I would very much like to share information.

Two very helpful web sites arewww.ayrshireroots.com a free site, and ScotlandsPeople.uk.gov Fees involved, but worth it!

You can also search the LDS Church records at Family Search.

Updated 16 March 2008

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