This school year began with a successful cookie sale and lots of work leading to our Bridging and Rededication Ceremony that happened on December 13th.










We enjoyed participating in several Townwide events: a masquerade ball, holiday crafts, and a hip hop dance lesson. We all earned the GSCBC Council Patch Tick Busters patch.
It was great fun writing poems and raps to warn about the symptoms of Lyme Disease and how to prevent it,
and all about the dreaded deer tick:

by Olivia:
accompanied by the theme from Ghostbusters --

When there's a strange lookin' bug, in your neighborhood,
Who you gonna call? TICK BUSTERS!!!

I ain't afraid of no tick!

One fine, it came to my door.
I looked down at it, and crushed it to the floor,
Who you gonna call? TICK BUSTERS!!!

I ain't afraid of no tick!

And now it's dead, it's the end.

Who you gonna call? TICK BUSTERS!!!
Who you gonna call? TICK BUSTERS!!!
Who you gonna call? TICK BUSTERS!!!

We earned our Bridge to Junior Girl Scouts by visiting a Junior troop meeting, sharing what we learned, did an activity from the Junior G.S. Handbook, planned our bridging ceremony, and went swimming (our summer activity).

We voted on the Bluebird as our troop crest.

We learned "Whene'er You Make a Promise" and "Taps."

Junior Troop 203 joined us at Historic New Bridge Landing where we toured the Steuben House and then we had our Bridging Ceremony on the historic swing bridge (the oldest in New Jersey), "flying up" across the Hackensack River.

We then held a Rededication Ceremony, lighting candles for each part of the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

We are proud to call ourselves


We mailed out 60 postcards to troops all over the U.S. and to Ontario, Canada through the 2007 Thinking Day Postcard Exchange (This is the 4th year we are participating!)

As part of our Thinking Day activities this year we are participating in Reach For Change, a program led by children in Elm Place School in Highland Park IL to raise awareness of the situation in Darfur, Sudan. We learned that in Sudan, a Girl Guide is called a Bluebird, and she promises to be a sister to every other guide, no matter to what country, class or creed, the other may belong.

We look forward to the Father-Daughter dance in February and the Diva brunch in March. Several of the girls plan to attend the 95th Anniversary Sing-a-long on the National Mall in June.

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