"Through his mane and tail the high wind sings"

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Welcome to Iliad Model Horse Farms! I hope that you will enjoy your visit here! I just completely overhauled the entire Sire and Dam list with all new bloodlines and new horses. I would appreciate it if you would take a peek. Even if you don't go into the S/D list, then you can take a look around a few of the other pages. Some are brag pages, like "My Model Horses" "My Show String" and "IF Horses' Placings."

But others are pages for you to learn from, such as "Showing Tips" and "Dressage 'n' Me." But, whatever page you choose to enter, please sign the guestbook and let me know what you think about my page! Thanks a bunch and God Bless! I'm getting out of the model horse hobby, so if you are looking for certain models, email me and I'll see if I have any of those for sale.


1/13/01: Visit the Barn to see new bloodlines in All Breeds!
7/25/01: New Photo Show! Novice Photo Show Show! Check it out!
2/4/2004: SELLING COLLECTION! Email for details. CM and OF for sale.

New Pages: Lippizans and Art By Mer!

PS: If you wish to link onto my site, please use this link to go and choose one of the banners. Thanx!

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