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Final Final update - 12th April, 2007 has shut down due to poor host service and shite design, if there's anyone wondering where I am now, go to

Final update - 14th February, 2004

Hi everyone, this is the last update of the site (well, apart for the red dwarf webring of course) as I now have just bought some hosting for a proper one! :) The basic site design is up, and all of my cartoons hae now been transferred over there, and there is also a forum (which is what I'm also using as the site news page). There are many new features on the site, including a new easy to remember domain name - No one new sign up to the mailing list on the right, because I will no longer be sending email updates.

I shall still keep this site online (as I can't be arsed to delete anything on it) indefinatly, or until geocities shuts it down automatically, if they do that to these kinda sites. Anyway, I hope to be seeing everyone on!

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Update - 28th January, 2004

Not that much to update. Got another 'better waste of time' cartoons almost done, you should see that in a couple of days. These are just little random cartoons my friends and I are doing. I've been doing Timefight a lot, and have gotten loads done. It's taking a while though. The bit I'm about to animate is going to be really hard - 1 bloke with a sword versus about 14 people.

I'm trying to find a good web host for a new site I've been designing. It will be much better than this one with many more features including a forum and easy-to-remember URL. If you know of any good cheap hosting please post it in the comments below. Thanx!

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Update - 5th January, 2004

Ooh first update of the new year, how nice. I've decided to do more of the flash tutorials I started some time ago. I've now uploaded the third one which you can see on my downloads page. Also, I've re-done some parts of the first one (the interface) because I've had some questions in about it. Please re-read the new one thank you.

In other news, I have taken down the site's 'christmas decorations'. I've been animating 'Timefight' and you should expect that soon. welll see ya next update.

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Update - 23rd December, 2003

Happy Christmas everybody (and a merry new year!)

My friends and I just randomly wrote and animated a cartoon over the weekend, we called ourselves 'Blohanstocow productions', because it's a mixture of all our names. The cartoon is about 3 odd characters on a desk. Click here to get taken to the new Blohanstocow part of the site.

No new news on Timefight and flying circus tribute, I'll get on them right away.

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Update - 16th December, 2003

Ok, ok I'll update more often from now on. 1 month since my last one, sorry about that ~ but it's because nothing really has been happening for me to update on. I've been animating Timefight.. but I'll probably touch up what I've got so far on the flying circus tribute and put up a preview for those of you who want to see what I've been up to. I also done up the flash menu to look more christmassy, and added an extra thing to the 'cartoons' button so you don't have to go through another webpage.

T'was my 18th birthday on the 10th and now I can legally drink and buy pornography (yaaay). Here, have some links - - Retarded animal babies. Excellent cartoon series, my favourite one is the first one. - The reason why I'm giving this link is because people keep getting fed up of all the pop-ups on Google has THE BEST pop-up stopper ever. I recommend downloading it asap. - sober santa. Ickle christmas game to get you in the mood.

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Cartoons - Split up into 2 sections, old cartoons and new cartoons. The new ones have about 10 of my best cartoons.
Downloads I'm starting an interactive tutorial of Flash mx. The first two lessons are here. Also a mega drive emulator with some games.

The Sitcom - An animated series made by a lot of us at the Red Dwarf webboard. Episode 1 is now completed!

Webring - My own webring I've made in Flash mx. It has 14 Red Dwarf websites. To join click here.


Ever since I was an ickle boy I've been interested in animation. I don't know how old I was, but it must of been about 8/9. I always used to play around with the video camera making little animations with toys and stuff. Once, I made a little plasticine man and did a little animation of him walking around and stuff.

When I was about 12 or 13 me and my mates were always making short films with the video camera and stuff like that. But they soon got bored with those things and I wanted to make them really good. So I figured the only short films I could do by myself are animations.

Once, I cut up about 50 small pieces of paper and drew every frame in a small cartoon. It took me a few months. When i finished I put it all together using a video camera and it looked pretty good, but it only lasted about 20 or 30 seconds.

After that, I discovered animations on computers. that was in about the year 2000. The first thing I done using a computer was on Microsoft Powerpoint. I didn't really like that program because there were too many restrictions. The next thing I used was Gif Construction Set. with that, you draw each frame in ms paint, then put it together using GCS. I made about 5 or 6 cartoons with that, and signed up to a website to show them to people.

For the last 2 1/2 years I've been using Macromedia Flash MX. My first load of cartoons were Stickdeaths, just to get me used to using Flash. Now I know it I can make more complex cartoons. About a year and a half ago my old website jiggered up, and I lost all of my old cartoons. I couldn't be bothered to make another site until september last year.

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