Episode Number and Title:

#509 Patience
Episode Description:

Episode description not available at this time
Skills learned:

patience; counting
Pawprint Removal:

Joe pointed it off.
Let's play Blue's Clues to figure out:

what Blue wants to do while we wait for the egg to hatch.
Answer to Blue's Clues:

make a bird house

game: The Waiting Game
Action in Skidoo:

Waited in line to get the 3rd clue.
Episode Noteables:

"wait, wait, wait"
Inconsistancies, Goofs, and Observations:

Joe looked so cute while waiting for the egg to hatch.

I love Joe's backwards dance step in the "To Play Blue's Clues" song.

I see they're doing "butt shots" of Joe now.

The "wait, wait, wait" ditty is the same tune as "Change, change, change, how can we change" in
#413 Making Changes.

Heh.  I love seeing Periwinkle frustrated.  I'm evil, I know.

The "squirting glue" sound was a nice touch.

That's one nice skidoo in!  Check out Joe's arms!

They did a great job with Joe moving from square to square.  The graphics match up to his movements nicely.

I like Joe's little nod to signal the end.

Bulletin Board: ~
Grocery List: ~
Refrigerator: ~
Main picture frame by Thinking Chair:

picture of an egg in a nest; then a cracked egg in the nest; then a baby bird in the nest
Other picture frames / Felt Frame:

Bedroom desk: ~
Bedroom frame: ~
Felt frame: clock
Snail Locations:

1. under flower bush
2. beside toy box
3. on one of the cards in the game
Our Blue's Clues are:

1. pieces of wood
2. roof
3. bird
Episode Guide

clock / playing a game while waiting in line
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