Episode Number and Title:

#311 Blue's Big Treasure Hunt
Episode Description:

Blue's Big Treasure Hunt leads us to unlock doors we have not seen before and leads us to skidoo into a land where we meet characers (celebrity guest stars!) from our favorite stories.  We meet Little Miss Muffet, Snow White, and Jack Be Nimble.  These characters lead us deeper into our adventure and help us to discover Blue's Big Treasure Hunt.
Skills learned:

figuring out riddles
Pawprint Removal:

Steve wiped off with a treasure hunt cleaner-upper (a red sequined piece of fabric).
Let's play Blue's Clues to figure out:

who set up the treasure hunt.
Answer to Blue's Clues:


secret passage to the Land of Great Discovery
Action in Skidoo:

Continued the treasure hunt.
Episode Noteables:

Steve's Grandma (played by Rue McClanahan)
Inconsistancies, Goofs, and Observations:

It was very odd to have the mail song right at the very beginning.  The opening wasn't even done yet.

The music in most of this episode is "My Favorite Treasure" from the audio episode
My Favorite Treasure.

I loved the gold sequins on the treasure hunt backpack.

It was pretty cool when Steve found the secret compartment in the back of the notebook.

How convenient there was a rocking (thinking) chair and a bookcase that we'd never seen before.

Why was it necessary to use a red crayon to draw the rocking chair?

The bookcase just slays me!  Not only does it move mysteriously just by placing a book on the shelf, but how long had they lived there and never knew about it or the secret passageway behind it?  Was the bookcase there when they moved in?  This must have origonally been Grandma's house.

I loved how Steve was trying to open the secret passageway door.  They did a great job matching everything up.

I laughed out loud at Mr. Salt's whimsical little dance.

I also laughed at Steve's sing-song spelling of "key."

I noticed that Little Miss Muffet's voice sounded like an older lady's voice.

The scene where they have to decide what object Jack Be Nimble has to jump over, I noticed a "homage" to other storybook Jacks.  Included in the background of the scene was the well from "Jack and Jill" and the beanstalk from "Jack and the Beanstalk."

The music while Steve's in the Thinking Chair figuring out the clues is "Doing Things with You" from
My Favorite Treasure - the song Grandma sings.

Changing the "We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues" song to "We Sat on Down, Figured It Out," was really a surprise to me to say the least.

I loved the look on Steve's face when Grandma jumed out from behind the tree!

Grandma rubbing noses with Blue was so sweet. So cute.

I loved the whole interaction between Steve and Grandma, especially since Steve showed his beautiful smile more.

Bulletin Board:
Grocery List:
Refrigerator: drawing of a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end
Main picture frame by Thinking Chair:

drawing of Steve, Grandma, and Blue
Other picture frames / Felt Frame:

Bedroom desk: craft supplies
Bedroom frame: drawing of Steve and Blue investigating with magnifying glasses
Felt frame: felt friends with a pink kitty and hearts all around
Snail Locations:

1. under flower in front of house
2.beside toy box
3. under flower in the Land of Great Discovery
Our Blue's Clues are:

1. glasses
2. rocking chair
3. green striped dress
Episode Guide

no mail
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