Episode Number and Title:

#204 What Experiment Does Blue Want To Try?
Episode Description:

Blue and Steve are experimenting by playing sink and float then Blue wants to try another experiment.  We play Blue's Clues to figure out which experiment Blue wants to try next.  While looking for clues we examine items outside through a manifying glass in "Extreme Close-up" then label the ojects.  Then we experiment with gravity and remember the characteristics and correct order of the planets in outer space through a song.
Skills learned:

science experiments; the planets
Pawprint Removal:

Steve experimented on it with a magnet and it was pulled off.
Let's play Blue's Clues to figure out:

what experiment Blue wants to try.
Answer to Blue's Clues:

the Cyclone Experiment

picture of outer space
Action in Skidoo:

Learned the names of the planets in order.
Episode Noteables:

Inconsistancies, Goofs, and Observations:

The CGI effect when Steve pulls the pawprint off the screen with the magnet is too cool.  However, the pulling the notebook out of the drawer with the magnet wasn't nearly as effective.

The "magnified" CGI through the magnifying glass over the bulletin board and curtain looks great (except for the missing apple).

I laughed out loud at the way Steve jumped behind the Thinking Chair and popped back out again with the cape on.

I want to know how they erased the wires of the harness they've got Steve in for the planet scene.

Bulletin Board: picture of a phone and Tink (from #202 What Does Blue Want to Build?), keys, and a grocery list
Grocery List: magnet, pencil, apple
Refrigerator: the magnets on the freezer spell out E=MC
2 and a drawing of a magnet
Main picture frame by Thinking Chair:

picture of outer space
Other picture frames / Felt Frame:

Bedroom desk: ~
Bedroom frame: ~
Felt frame: Frannie eating a piece of pizza
Snail Locations:

1. under snack table
2. whizzed by like a comet
3. ?
Our Blue's Clues are:

1. water
2. tape
3. empty plastic bottles
Episode Guide

magnet / children experimenting with magnets
Viewer Comments:

GeekMom001 -
I like the Experiment one because of the song about the planets.
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