Episode Number and Title:

#105 What Does Blue Need?
Episode Description:

As we discover what Blue needs, we take the time to help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper find fruits by describing where they are in relation to each other, sort the laundry by putting clothes in the right places, and help a starfish through a maze to find the ocean.
Skills learned:

sorting and finding
Pawprint Removal:

Steve washed it off with water from the hose.
Let's play Blue's Clues to figure out:

what Blue needs.
Answer to Blue's Clues:

To take a bath

picture of the beach
Action in Skidoo:

Helped Starfish through the maze to the beach.
Episode Noteables:

Inconsistancies, Goofs, and Observations:

It's cute how Blue spins Steve around in the beginning

Watch the part where Steve approaches the counter for the first clue.  What the hell is he doing with his mouth?

Steve's reaction to being jumped on and licked by Blue is pretty funny.

The laundry scene would've been better if the jeans were khakis and the green t-shirt was striped.

I love the way Steve says "water."  It's just one of my quirks.

I dig Steve's sharp green shades and the beach style music is a nice touch.

Watch Steve's eyes in the maze scene. He uses his eyes to trace the path Blue and the Starfish are going to take and then does a thumbs-up, before they move.  On the one hand, I'm terribly impressed and on the other, I get the impression things are not in sync here.

When they skidoo out of the picture, the starfish is now gone.  Another nice touch.

The crayon Steve uses has a point on it throughout the entire episode except for when he's actually drawing, then it's short and stubby.

Blue's boucing in the tub slays me.  I don't know why, but there's just something odd about it.

Bulletin Board: ~
Grocery List: ~
Refrigerator: a drawing of Shovel spraying Pail with water
Main picture frame by Thinking Chair:

picture of a rubber ducky splashing in the water
Other picture frames / Felt Frame:

Bedroom desk: ~
Bedroom frame: ~
Felt frame: felt friends and a pig (?) taking a bath
Bathroom: picture of Starfish on the beach
Snail Locations:

1. Under a flower.
2. On sailboat.
3. On top of picture frame.
Our Blue's Clues are:

1. bubbles
2. towel
3. slippery soap
Episode Guide

A toothbrush / children brushing their teeth
Viewer Comments:

GeekMom001 -
right after the Letter From Our Friends, in which they were brushing their teeth. Steve looks up from the letter and says, "Mmmmm ... Tingly!" God, he is too much sometimes.
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