Man I love drawing cute little animes. I've recently discovered that by doing heaps of fanart (i.e sketches of cartoon anime) I can actually improve my style by heaps. There are some key things I discovered - like the shading always falls away from the eye around the cheek, and how there is always a teeny weeny bit of shading uner the eyebrows and the nose n chin.
Very cool.

Felt like doing a kinda innocent priestess thing, I hope thats what she looks like. Me likes the window and cracks.

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Man, this is definately my favourite piece of work that I've done recently. Its a painting I did, touched up and made cooler in Photoshop.

I just really like it. It says so much, has a story of its own.
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   28th June 2003                                        5:20PM Australia

Heaps and heaps and heaps of new pictures - well, six.
Thats heaps for me, for three days.
I caught the end of digimon or one of those animes on cheez tv and saw some cutie faces that inspired me to do some hella
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pokemon cross sailor moon pictures. Two - their on the art page , and i might post one up here too.

Avon Calling! I did some fanart of Edward Scissorhands so yay. Its all on here somewhere so ye can find it if ye want.  I have a stange thing for drawing cats too. Meh.

Not much else to say really. Planning on doing a Monkey Magic pic - that would rock my socks off.

Anyway, this crazy monks gotta continue her journey to India in search of the sacred scrolls. Come little cloud...

                                                                                       Stay monkalicious
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