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I recently got married, on Valentines Day, to the most wonderful man on earth.
You will never guess how I met him. Are you wondering? Come on guess?
Well, I will tell you. We met via Internet in mIRC.

He had not accessed Internet chat for quite some time and it was actually my first time.
But fate found both of us entering a room called #30’s+ Romance

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Me and my Travelin Man

 remember that there were what seemed to me as quite a few people in the room,
but he and I sort of hit it off right away.
We soon found ourselves talking to only each other in private chat and we talked for hours.
I really hated to say good night but the time was growing very late and
we both knew that we must.

The next day, I couldn’t wait to get back online so I could find Travelin again.
But I didn’t get connected with him. I guess it was the day after that when he and I
connected again.
I was so happy to have the chance to talk to him again.
This time we talked for hours and hours, before we knew it, it was late into the morning.
There just seemed to be so much to talk about, getting to know each other and so forth.
But once again we had to say goodnight.

It has now been 11 months and we are still chatting on mIRC every week night.
You see my husband travels in his job and we rarely see each other during the week,
but the Internet has afforded us the time and opportunity to keep up with each
others daily affairs.
I would not trade the Internet, nor my husband for the world.

I’m telling this story because there are so many people who believe that the Internet
is a dangerous place for meeting people but if you choose your chat partner
carefully it can also be the best place to meet people.
The Internet allows for someone to get to know the person from the inside before,
(often times) ever seeing the person face-to-face.
You can make your judgment of a person based on their inner self before appearances.
So go ahead, find that chat partner, but remember to use caution as well.

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Here's little Donovan's momma, Jaimie. Isn't she pretty?

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This is my other beautiful daughter, Danielle. I have lots of wonderful

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Amanda is my husband, Paul's oldest daughter.

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Last but not least, is Paul's youngest, Rachael.

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