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Seafood Products
Good Day!
I am a seafood sourcing consultant. My company markets and supplies seafood products to seafood companiesí bid systems, trade offers,vendor customers, retail customers, exporters or importers.
We welcome your offers to become customers in the seafood network of suppliers and buyers.

Email your request today to Marie Evans,
A complete product price list or product offer will be email to you .


Whole Fish

Steaks,Fillets, Loin, Portions,Meat

Imitation Seafoods,Roe, Sashimi,Seaweed Products,Sushi, Sashimi

CuttleFish, Eel,Frog Legs,Octopus,Squid

Clams,Mussels,Qysters, Scallops

Crab, Crawfish, Lobster, Shrimp

Seafood MarketPlace

Studio Plaza Group
28 East Jackson Blvd Bldg S-669 Chicago Illinois 60604
Tel +1 312 970 0595 Fax +1 801 515 8897
Sales, Marie Evans,
Seafood Source Alliance
Customers: Seafood Distributors, Wholesalers And Seafood Purchasers.

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