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Hello there! I'm Julie, and you've just happened upon my insignificant little home on the Web. A few years ago if people had suggested that I'd be doing a homepage, I would have told them they were nuts. Then again, Andy Warhol did say that everyone was entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. So, I guess I could chalk this attempt up to some inexplicable ongoing form of delirium, an uncontrollable urge to "share" with strangers or a need to stroke my own ego. Whatever the reason, it's here in all its lameness for your own personal enjoyment.

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, otherwise this entire exercise would be a tad pointless, now wouldn't it? I was born approximately 32 years ago (give or take a year--depending on how often I update) in Ontario, Canada. I'm the youngest of 3 - I have a sister 8 years my senior, who lives in Alberta and a brother 4 years older, who lives in Ontario. I'm happily married and my husband Jim, and we actually live right across the street from my mom and brother. (I guess you could safely say I'm a creature of habit and thus didn't end up moving too far away from my comfort zone :-) Feel free to hang around my place for a while--I might even decide to put on a pot of coffee and bake some cookies if I'm feeling particularly accommodating.

If you do decide to peruse the rest of my site, you'll probably find that the majority of these pages are devoted to the people in my life, both past and present. So if you find sentimentality (okay...maybe sometimes bordering on sappiness!!) humdrum or even downright might rather you didn't proceed, lest it starts getting to you. Admittedly, I also went a little picture and gif-happy, so if you have a slower internet connection, you might end up wanting to throttle me. My humblest apologies if that ends up being the case!

Now that you've finished reading my somewhat anti-climactic forward, you're probably left wondering, "Hey Jules...what else is there that might actually inspire me to visit the rest of your happy little home?"
Below you will find the links, along with their scant descriptions. Farther below is the link to my
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Clickable links to the rest:

See photos of our 1997 wedding, and meet our family members.

Meet some of the people that I'm proud to call friends in "real" life, as well as those I've met online.

A little bit more about myself and my interests, featuring a
Crafts link, with a few pictures of projects that have kept me busy during those long Canadian winter months and WEBRINGS that I'm a member of.

This page lists--and gives my opinions of--some of my favourite Bands, Books and Authors, Foods (recipe links), Movies, T.V. shows, and a few sites I found to be invaluable while building my website. I've attempted to provide links to the outside Web wherever possible.

Our over-indulged feline family members now have their very own page!

Dedicated to those who are no longer with us, but will always remain an important part of our lives.


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All of the backgrounds you see here and on the rest of my site are the results of my own hard work, so please don't steal 'em, okay?!


The beautiful brooch at left was a hand-made gift, given to me many years ago by the multi-talented Joanne. I thought that it would be a lovely aesthetic addition to my humble little home on the web.
~Thank you always Beach Bunny!~

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