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Discovering the internet, has changed my life so much. It has changed, my outlook on many things. I have met many people, and made many friends here on the net. Today as I think back, I have to laugh. I never wanted anything to do with a computer.  knew nothing about them, nor did I care to. Then I started writing. I was writing longhand, which I do still perfer for a first draft. I decided that I did need a computer to type out my manuscripts on. My first computer was nothing to speak of but I was able to learn some of how to get in and out of the different pages.That's as far as I figured it would go.
  I started to notice others using computers, and "going online". It caught my intrest. Soon I was learning, from others how to get online and was introduced to the chat rooms. I had a stupid screen name, and it was boring and brought boring people to me. I decided I didn't want to only chat with these people, I also wanted to chat to those that seemed to have fun in the chatrooms so........ I made myself a new name. Into the chatrooms I went, thinking I was ready. Here I was armed with a procative name and profile. What more could I want. LOL...I was no where near ready for all the IM's I recieved.
  I chatted with a few men in IM here and there. I also chatted in the rooms. One day I was in a room and I noticed someone I had never seen before.I got up my nerve and started chatting to him in the room, then I IM'd him. Little did I know at this time, how much this man would change my life, for I had just met my Master.
  We chatted many times over and over. He never hid from me what he was and what he believed in. I had never heard of BDSM. Oh I had heard of S&M, but never knew what it was. He explained all of this to me, as I told him my story. He gave me many links to read. As I read, and I chatted to him, asking many questions. If he didn't know the answer, then he did his best to find it, and still does.
Discovering the Internet, and the path to life....
             DISCOVERING SUBMISSION                                                                                 Discovering who and what I was, brought many changes into my life. My whole life has changed, and it has changed for the better. I am more free and content with my life than I have ever been. I am happy and I very much enjoy taking care of my Master, and loving him as he deserves to be loved.
All of this may seem different or unusual to most people in this day and age. And I admit it did to me also,  but the more I read and learned the more I understood and accepted. Accepted the fact, that this is me,   this is my fate, and what I am ment to be, and how I am ment to spend my life. A life of submission and servetude to this man, my Master, The man I, IM'd in that chat room.
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