The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi Yo, Silver! The Lone Ranger!

With his faithful Indian companion, Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early western United States. Nowhere in the pages of history can one find a greater champion of justice. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. From out of the past come the thundering hoof beats of the great horse Silver! The Lone Ranger rides again!

This most famous of the kiddie Westerns was originally created by struggling Detroit radio station WXYZ to get itself back in the black. Not only did they manage to succeed beyond their wildest dreams, they also created what is probably the best known fictional hero of the Old West. So great is his fame that Rossini's William Tell Overture is forever associated with the masked rider of the plains. Though essentially a local show, the production values were equal to those of a network show. The show ran 1933-1956. During the first few months, the Lone Ranger was portrayed by George Stenius. Earle Graser then took the role until April 1941, when he died in a car accident. For the rest of the show's run, Brace Beemer starred in the title role (shows featuring Graser are marked with an asterisk). Tonto was always portrayed by John Todd (on radio, no one can see that you're a bald, middle-aged white guy).

A Word of Advice

Two cowpoke brothers manage to defend themselves against a couple of outlaws known for being quick on the draw. One uses his new reputation to get himself elected sheriff, but heís uncertain on whether his brother also had similarly honorable aims.

Across the Canyon



While Tonto is returning from visiting a friend, he comes across a cave containing supplies stolen from a nearby Army warehouse.

Note: The friend Tonto visits is named Chief Thundercloud, which is also the name of the person who portrayed Tonto in the early Lone Ranger movies.

Bank Robbery

A trio of swindlers are selling phony stocks for a refinery company to some unsuspecting townsfolk. When the local newspaper editor gets a clue about it, the con men decide to take care of him.

Best Laid Plans

Billy-Be-Hung Returns

A prisoner serving a life term escapes by hiding in the coffin of an inmate being sent out so he can avenge himself on those responsible for his being sent to the hoosegow.

Billy Tilden's Mission

A new deputy decides to track down a pair of bank robbers on his own, not realizing one of them is his presumed dead father, and gets captured instead. The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive to help him out of the mess.

Bird Flying Home

The Lone Ranger and Tonto help out a man who has been unsuccessfully trying to convince some local hunters of the long term consequences from their unrestrained slaughter of the passenger pigeon flocks.

The Blinding Storm

Boots and the Rodeo

A rancher buys a quality horse for his horse-shy son to ride in the race at the rodeo, who is less than enthused. The son later meets Dan Reid, who helps him overcome his fear and teaches him proper horse riding technique. But the horse gets stolen on the orders of a rival rancher and it's up to the Lone Ranger to apprehend the thieves.

Brimstone Brewster

A crooked deputy creates confusion between a rancher and a rail company representative who wishes to buy a strip of the ranch for right-of-way and attempts to profit from it.

The Brother's War

Buried Gold

Cattle Code

A crooked ranch foreman has been taking advantage of his bossís illiteracy so as to arrange business deals that will allow him to personally profit.

Changed Claim Makers

The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive at a gold strike looking for a notorious claim jumper. Their search is hampered by the fact that they havenít been able to get a decent description of their quarry.

Chinese Gold

Choctaw Pass

The Lone Ranger brings in an outlaw to the sheriff of Choctaw Pass and provides a witness and evidence recorded with one of them new-fangled cameras so he can be convicted all legal-like. But the defense lawyer assigned hasn't lost a case yet and doesn't intend to start doing so.

Choo Choo for Chicago

Two con men are selling phony bonds to the residents of a small town that are allegedly to help pay for the construction of a rail spur to the town.

Christmas for Sandy

The Lone Ranger and Tonto help out a mining company clerk who has been falsely accused of embezzling the payroll.

City of Gold*

While going through his uncle's papers, the nephew of a rancher finds a parchment purporting to be a map showing the location of Cibola. Fearing that he's on a wild goose chase, the nephew's wife asks the Lone Ranger and Tonto to catch up with him and bring him back.

Claws of Death

Contraband from Cuba

Cottonwood Dam*

The Lone Ranger and Tonto overhear a plot by a gang to blow up a dam at its limit due to the recent rains and loot the nearby town during the resulting chaos.

Dan Kent*

A stray horse leads the Lone Ranger and Tonto to a dead man shot in the back. Tracking down the killer leads them to a gang planning to rob the dead man's widow mother.

Danger Landing

A gang of outlaws forcibly take control of a refueling station on the Missouri River so that they can hijack gold shipments coming from the digging grounds in Montana.

Danger on the Plains

The Lone Ranger and Tonto form a very tenuous alliance with a suspicious sheriff to track down the outlaws who robbed ten thousand dollars from a Wells Fargo office.

Death Trail

The Lone Ranger and Tonto join a marshal in chasing down a pair of bank robbers. After capturing them, they then try to get their prisoners to tell them the place where the rest of their gang is holed out.

Death Will Out

A crooked lawyer and the co-owner of a failing ranch work out a scheme where the other owner of the ranch dies in a seemingly accidental manner before he learns of some oil prospectors who are interested in the land.

Desert Water

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are trailing two outlaws in the desert when they find the tracks have met with those of a wagon which then head in the opposite direction of the nearest watering hole, apparently misled by the outlaws.

Devilís Sink

The Lone Ranger and Tonto help clear the name of a prospector being framed for the murder of his miserly creditor.



While taking a shortcut through a desert, the Lone Ranger and Silver take a tumble, resulting in getting themselves injured as well as busting a canteen.

Flood Waters

A doctor who was charged for a murder he didn't commit moved out West under an assumed name and is barely scratching out a living as a farmer. But he still worries that someone might find out who he really is.

Fortune in a Hat

An outlaw finds a letter on the body of a prospector he has killed from the victimís former partner. In it, he states that a geologist of his acquaintance has rediscovered a legendary lost gold mine and the map he made to it is being kept in one of his books.

Foster Brother

The mean son of a rancher is unhappy with the announcement that he's to share the ranch with his foster brother when their pa dies. So he sets up his sibling to be disinherited.

Gallows Threat

A man sentenced to hang for a murder he didn't commit manages to escape from jail and has the fortune to run into the Lone Ranger, who believes his claim of innocence.

The Ghost Riders

A series of nighttime robberies and rustlings are being committed by a gang of riders who emit a strange glow, leading the locals to believe that theyíre the ghosts of outlaws.

Note: This should not be confused with the Sergeant Preston of the Yukon episode with the same title (to which it only bears scant resemblance).

Grant Elder*

After having met an unusually large number of hardships, a wagon train decides to head Back East. The Lone Ranger concocts a plan to stiffen their original resolve.

Guns is Fer Fighting Men

Due to an increase in outlaw raids and the impotence of the local law, a group of cattlemen are contemplating taking the law into their own hands.


The Lone Ranger and Tonto chase a gang of bank robbers and manage to capture the most recently joined member. From him, they learn that the rest of the outlaws are planning to lay low in another town at the home of an outwardly respectable citizen.

Holster Heritage

A gunslinger refuses to accept a crooked sheriff's offer to be a deputy, so he's framed for a stagecoach robbery. His son has arrived from Back East and, with the help of the Lone Ranger, plans to clean up the law in this here town.

Horse Thief Tracks

House and Home

A man gets a crooked land agent to falsify documents saying that he owned a particular piece of land first so he can run off the homesteaders there and exploit the land's resources for himself.

In His Father's Footsteps

After a sheriff gets gunned down by an outlaw who has most of the locals cowed, the sheriffís sons vows to take him down, even though he may be in over his head.

Interrupted Journey

While on a trip to pick up some new mining equipment, a prospector gets bushwhacked by a pair of outlaws who had just escaped from prison.

Journey to Manhood

Kowala Indian Land Scheme

Two con men are planning to swindle a tribe of Pawnees out of their land by purchasing it with counterfeit money.

Land Script*

A milquetoast rancher is being pestered by his wife and brother-in-law to sell his worthless land scripts. Little do they know that the buyers are con men counting on the potential end of Reconstruction government to cause their value to skyrocket. The Lone Ranger and Tonto help the rancher by searching for past victims of the con men so that the sale won't go through.

Last of the Gang

After an epic gun battle, the Lone Ranger and Tonto round up most of the Red River gang. The remnants that escape plot to murder them in a way that itíll look like an accident, since an obvious murder would have every Law Dog west of the Mississippi trying to hunt them down.

The Lawless Lawman

Loser Take All

The Lone Ranger helps a young prospector come up with a way to finance his long shot claim which will at the same time smoke out a con man.

Marked for Death

Two outlaws who escaped from prison shortly after arriving there are now planning on how to take down the judge who sentenced them.

Matter of Life or Death

Two unscrupulous bounty hunters intent on cashing in on the Mexican government's bounty on Indian scalps could destroy the already tenuous relations between some settlers and an Apache village.

Missing Heir

Two outlaws being tracked by the Lone Ranger and Tonto collaborate with a crooked attorney to get an orphan stable hand to pose as the long-lost nephew of an elderly rancher and blackmail themselves a piece of the ranch.

Mission of Revenge

The Mysterious Mission

A court-martialed military aide is planning a takeover of Texas and giving it back to Mexico. The governor suspects something and sends for the Lone Ranger to investigate.

Mystery Woman

An outlaw who has sworn to kill the judge who sentenced him has recently escaped from the territorial prison. The judge decides to use an alternative means of transport for a trip heís leaving on soon, little realizing how disastrous this could end up being.

The New Commissioner

The Notorious El Diablo

A Mexican bandit who has been terrorizing the Southwest is in reality a white man. Not knowing this fact could spell trouble for the Lone Ranger.

Old Olly's Hat

Orders for the East

The British are planning to send military dispatches for their Far East outposts on a westward route via the Pony Express. A Russian spy catches wind of this and subverts two riders to make sure he gets the dispatches.

Origin Show

We learn about how the Lone Ranger became the person we know him as and how he got his horse Silver.

Outlaw Deputy

A prison escapee who has been laying low and settling down the last few years gets a nasty shock when his fellow escapees arrive in the area to cause trouble.

Outlawís Gold (two-parter)

Several members of a broken-up gang have learned that their dead leader had hidden a map showing the locations where he salted away his loot in the jail of a small town, with each one wanting the whole take for him or herself.

The Paleta Diamond

A trio of outlaws heist a valuable diamond being sent to San Francisco while the train carrying it makes a stopover. Tension mounts when one of them figures that he'd get more if he only had to split the loot one way.

Paroled Man

The Plateau Gang

A gang that is terrorizing settlers have managed to avoid leaving any survivors behind. Though the horse tracks at the attack sites suggest a large gang, one deputy believes that, due to the small size of the targets, it could be as few as two with a lot of horses, possibly that masked man and Indian he saw.

Price of Treason

Relief Train

The Lone Ranger arranges for a wagon train to deliver food to a supply starved Denver. But some members of the train aren't happy about moving out in the early spring.

The Return of Cavendish

Butch Cavendish, the man responsible for the death of the Lone Ranger's brother as well as their fellow Texas Rangers, has escaped from prison to avenge himself on the Masked Man for breaking up his gang.

Rio Grande Gun Runners

The Rodeo Star

Santa Annaís Treasure

A pair of city slickers from Back East have come Out West to seek a fortune in gold Santa Anna is said to have hid in a pair of cannons that were dumped into a river. They consider their chances of finding it to be better than other treasure hunters as they have a clue to its location from a former underling of the Mexican general. But such greenhorns are easy targets for any unscrupulous outlaws they might meet.

The Secret Canyon

Shadow of Death

The Sheriff from Texas

The respectable element of a lawless boomtown believe they have finally found the man for the job of sheriff who can clean up this here town. The criminal element intend to see that he doesnít get a chance to do so.

The Sheriff of Clayborne County

A man who plans to run for sheriff against the corrupt incumbent gets bushwhacked on his way to the county seat. The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across him and help him make sure he stays alive to get on the ballot.

The Sheriff of Marshville

A banker who has been organizing stagecoach holdups is concerned about one of his underlings having killed someone during the most recent one. So he figures to pin the holdups on the sheriff, who has been having little luck stopping them.

Shrimp Butler

A scrawny outlaw is making a name for himself in the Pecos area to the degree which no one is willing ride shotgun on the stagecoach line. The Lone Ranger comes up with a plan that involves a retired sheriff who the locals regard as a harmless windbag taking the job.

The Silver Colt

When a woman and her son head out West to join her husband, they learn that he's both dead and broke. So they have to sell his pistol that was given to him by Sam Colt which is a duplicate of the Lone Ranger's guns, which shortly gets stolen.

The Show Wagons

A shipment of ammunition heading for Fort Worth is raided by Comanches. The Lone Ranger arranges for the next shipment to be carried by a travelling show.


Stolen Diamond*

A jeweler is found shot in his hotel room. While the manís bodyguard is initially suspected, the Lone Ranger believes it might have been done by one of the three men who were interested in purchasing a diamond from him thatís gone missing.

Strange Meeting

Ted Radford's Mine

A mine foreman gets a couple of surprises, first that his mother from Back East has paid a surprise visit, and then discovering a pair of bank robbers in an abandoned shaft he's inspecting.

Thieves Fall Out

A gang member comes forward to the sheriff with a written confession concerning the crimes of his gang in hopes of getting off with a lighter sentence. However, just as he hands it over, one of the other gang members shoots him and manages to snatch half the confession in the confession.

The Third Robbery

Thundering Hoofs

A gang of outlaws start a brush fire to distract the ranch hands while they make off with the stock.

Tonto and the Sheriff's Son

To Pay A Debt

After being forced to kill a young hothead who mistook him for his fatherís murderer, a cowpoke tries to find a way to make up for what he did to the surviving kin.

Trouble at the Rafter H

A rancher has discovered gold on his land. But he has the misfortune of blurting it out while a killer the Lone Ranger and Tonto are tracking is making a stopover.

The Turning Point

Two Boys and their Dad

The Two Empty Graves

A rancher gets in a fight with another rancher whoís been trying to buy his land at an insultingly low price and winds up getting accused of murdering him.

Two Fingers

The notorious Two Fingers Tyler has just robbed a bank. The Lone Ranger chases him down, but he jumps off a cliff rather than get taken in. Meanwhile, a general store owner comes across a prospector whose hand is mutilated in the same manner as Two Fingers and plans to turn him in instead for the reward.

The Unexpected

Valley of Creeping Death

A newly appointed C.O. is irked by the way the fortís quartermaster uses his own judgment on how many supplies are needed rather than strictly follow his orders to the letter. His having the quartermaster being put in the guardhouse until further notice may end up having some unfortunate consequences.


A man who was convicted for a robbery he didnít commit has just been released from prison and has thoughts of gunning down the men responsible.

War Horse

The War Makers

A foreign agent has been hiring outlaws to provoke Indians into going to war with white settlements and draw away troops from the East Coast to allow for an easier invasion by his own country.

Wind Horses

A rancher isnít very happy about two wranglers setting up a corral to capture wild horses too close to his land for his taste. But they may have to work together when they both get targeted by rustlers.

The Witness

The Woman from Omaha

The Young Easterner

A young greenhorn heading West to claim a mine inheritance gets waylaid by a pair intent on identity theft. But the gun wound isn't fatal and he's found by the Lone Ranger and Tonto, who plan to foil the scheme.

The Young Investigator

A manager in a shipping company is leaking information on the shipments of valuable cargos to an outlaw gang. The Lone Ranger and Tonto work with an investigator from the insurance company to put a stop to it.

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