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New Hotel

A local rancher decides to go into the hotel business. When the half-finished structure is burned down, he suspects the owner of Dodge's other hotel is behind it. Against Dillon's advice, he hires a notorious gunman to provide security.


The Mexican wife of an Army scout is subjected to harassment by some of Dodge's less enlightened inhabitants.

No Sale

Two men wish to buy the Long Branch, but Kitty isn't interested. So they make their pitch to her again in a more forceful manner.

The Pacifist

A man who found he didn't have the stomach for killing during the trouble in Kansas in the '50s encounters two comrades-in-arms from that time. Not having taken kindly to his running off during the fighting then, they plan to see that he pays.

Paid Killer

A racketeer who has been unsuccessful in putting Dillon under his thumb hires an assassin to knock him off instead.

Passive Resistance

An eccentric pacifist allows himself to be harassed by local cattlemen who don't like his raising sheep.

The Patsy

The Photographer

A photographer from Back East comes to capture "The Violence of the West". And he doesn't have any scruples about having it arranged for his convenience.

Potato Road

Dillon and Chester are lured into a trap by a crazy family who plan to put them out of the way so that they can rob the bank unhindered by the law.

Prairie Happy

Having just returned to Dodge, Dillon attempts to trace the origin of some rumors flying around about an upcoming Pawnee attack.

The Preacher

A preacher who has lost his faith in God and man is the target of the ire of a big bruiser who has taken a dislike to him.

Pretty Mama

Dillon goes out to investigate the murder of the owner of a small ranch where the primary suspect is a rider from a bordering ranch who has been making himself troublesome.

Print Asper

A crooked lawyer who had tricked an illiterate rancher into signing over his property is found shot. Dillon must figure out whether it was done by the rancher or one of his sons.

Professor Lute Bone

When Dillon returns to Dodge, he finds that a medicine show huckster has set up shop and is peddling his opium-loaded elixir to the locals.

Puckett's New Year

Dillon comes across a buffalo hunter with a bad leg who was abandoned by his partner in a blizzard. It becomes necessary to amputate his leg, which leaves him rather bitter.

Pussy Cats

A pair of stagecoach robbers on the run have a showdown with their pursuers at the Texas Trail.

The Queue

The Reed Survives

A former prostitute tells Dillon that her preacher husband has threatened to kill her, even though he's not a man of violence.

Reward for Matt

The wife of a rancher Dillon killed in self-defense is incensed enough to put a thousand dollar bounty on his head.

Robber Bridegroom

The fiancée of a rich Easterner is kidnapped during a stagecoach robbery. But she finds her captor preferable and refuses to testify against him.


Two rival ranchers are dead set against their offspring getting married and Dillon finds himself getting involved in the mess.

Scared Kid

A kid gets riled when a barfly insults his girl. When the barfly is found dead shortly after the kid is seen getting the Hell out of Dodge, Dillon winds up following the trail of corpses left behind.

The Second Choice

A deputy from Oklahoma arrives with a warrant for the arrest of a former outlaw gone straight, presumably for a robbery he committed a while back. But it turns out that the charge is murder.

Note: A sort of sequel to The Choice.


Skid Row

A failed homesteader who has been drowning his sorrows in booze gets a nasty shock when his fiancée from Connecticut pays a surprise visit.


A drifter's dog is shot by a couple of mean hombres who found the mutt annoying. He indicates to Dillon that he intends to do something about it.

The Soldier

A drunken soldier resists his companion's attempts to take him back to Fort Dodge and starts a fight with him, resulting in Dillon locking them up. When they're freed, the fort's acting C.O. metes out unusually harsh punishments for both of them.

Spring Term

A man who could be mistaken for Dillon at night gets shot in the back from a dark alley. Certain aspects lead him to suspect that a rustler who believed that Dillon lynched his partner was responsible.

The Square Triangle

The abusive husband of a loose woman is found robbed and murdered, and a paramour of hers is at the top of Dillon's suspect list.

Stage Holdup

When a stagecoach Dillon is travelling on is held up, a jumpy greenhorn shoots one of the bandits in the arm and is killed for his troubles. Such a wound requires treatment to prevent gangrene, but going to Dodge to see a doctor could attract attention.

Sunday Supplement

Two greenhorns from New York who want to have a go at being dime novel writers come to Dodge and are disappointed at what they perceive as a lack of action. This attitude has Dillon concerned as they might try stirring up some on their own.


Dillon and Chester come across an Indian woman dying from fever who, judging from the wedding ring she wears, was married to a white man. They attempt to locate her tribe, even though it might stir up trouble.

Note: This is the only Gunsmoke script that was written by Conrad.

Sunny Afternoon

The Sutler

The C.O. at Fort Dodge is replacing the old sutler with someone willing to do tasks that aren't in the job description, not realizing that the new guy is stealing rifles and selling them to Indians.

Sweet and Sour

A seeming ingénue who has arrived in Dodge has a way about her that causes men to fight over her.


A gunman monopolizes the attentions of a timid new hostess at the Texas Trail. When she doesn't come to work the next day, it looks like it might be a case of kidnapping.

Tail to the Wind

Dillon suspects two particular no-goods of harassing a mild-mannered sodbuster so as to get him to sell his land to them at a reduced price, but he has no concrete proof.

Texas Cowboys

There Was Never a Horse

An insanely fast gunman is doing his best to goad Dillon into a Duel at High NoonTM so that he can claim him as another notch on his gun.


Dillon suspects that a free-spending fellow with two thoroughbred horses is a horse thief but he has no proof.

’Til Death Do Us Part

A self-righteous miser has had a potshot taken at him. While no one in Dodge really likes him, there isn’t anyone who is known to hate him enough to kill him.

The Trial

An impoverished homesteader is accused of robbing a stagecoach station and killing the clerk and is brought before the new circuit judge who has rather dubious ethics.

Trouble in Kansas

A gang of Jayhawkers cause trouble for some Texas cowboys heading for Dodge. But they don't care much for Dillon offering help.


While Dillon is taking a murder suspect back to Dodge by stage, his prisoner informs him that one of the passengers is a highwayman and he might conduct a holdup.

Twelfth Night

A hillman from the Ozarks comes down to Dodge to seek out the last member of a family his family has feuded with and kill him.


A lawman Dillon once knew who has come to arrest a man wanted for murder in Arizona is in denial about his deteriorating eyesight.

Uncle Oliver

A recent arrival in Dodge is insistent that Dillon should replace Chester with his witless nephew.

Unwanted Deputy

Widow's Mite

The widow of an outlaw Dillon had gunned down recently has gotten married to a man she claims to be an old acquaintance. But his overly polite mannerisms raise Dillon's suspicions.

Wild West

Dillon comes across Yorky Kelly (first met in The Buffalo Hunter), who claims that two men stole their horses and kidnapped his pa. His step-mother contradicts this, saying that the horses were sold and the pa gone for the day.


Wrong Man


A white boy raised by an Arapoho tribe is captured during a raid on a ranch. He believes that the only way to redeem himself in the tribe's eyes is to bring back a white man's scalp.

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