Corporeal: D:3d10, N:2d8, Q:4d12, S:3d6, V:3d8

Climbing 2d8, Dodge 4d8, Fighting: Brawling 4d8, Horse Riding 3d8, Quick Draw 5d12, Shooting: Pistol 5d10, Sneak 3d8, Speed Load 4d10

Mental: C:2d8, K:1d6, M:2d10, Sm:3d8, Sp:2d8

Bluff 4d8, Gambling 2d8, Guts 5d8, Overawe 5d10, Ridicule 9d8, Search 2d8, Streetwise 4d8

Edges: Nerves of Steel, Sand 2, Tough as Nails 3, Two-Fisted, Two Gun Kid, The Voice: Grating

Hindrances: Big Britches, Enemy 2, Greedy, Hankering: Alcohol 1, Mean as a Rattler, Outlaw 2, Stubborn

Pace: 8

Size: 6

Wind: 22

Grit: 2

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