Chester Proudfoot

Chester Proudfoot

Corporeal: D:3d8, N:2d8, Q:3d8, S:3d6, V:2d8

Climbing 2d8, Dodge 4d8, Fighting: Brawling 4d8, Horse Riding 4d8, Quick Draw 3d8, Shooting: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle 4d8, Speed-Load 3d8, Sneak 2d8, Teamster 2d8

Mental: C:3d6, K:2d6, M:2d8, Sm:2d6, Sp:3d8

Area Knowledge: Dodge 3d6, Kansas 2d6, Guts 4d8, Overawe 3d8, Professional: Law 2d6, Search 3d6, Streetwise 2d6, Survival: Plains 3d6, Tracking 3d6

Edges: Law Man 4

Hindrances: Habit 1 (puts sugar in his whiskey), Intolerance 2 (Texas cowboys), Intolerance 1 (Easterners), Loyal, Obligation 4, Poverty, Tuckered 2

Pace: 8

Size: 6

Wind: 14

Grit: 1

Note: Due to the alternate history of the Deadlands setting where the Civil War is still going on, some may wonder why a proud native of the Lone Star state would be working for a U.S. Marshall. In this case, I think we can assume that Chester was a veteran who got sick of the war and doesn't care of the outcome. Since Dillon doesn't seem to be the sort to hold his past against him, it's not too much of a stretch that he'd take Chester as his deputy (though some folks back in Washington might not be too happy with his choice). The possibility that he's a spy for the South I consider a bit implausible, as the kind of loyalty he shows for Dillon in my opinion cannot be faked. Thanks to Clint Black (the most evil man on the Deadlands mailing list ever since Goff left) for suggesting this.

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