Britt Ponsett

Britt Ponsett

Corporeal: D:2d10*, N:3d6**, Q:3d12, S:3d10, V:2d12

Climbing 2d6, Dodge 4d6, Fighting: Brawling 5d6, Horse Riding 4d6, Quick Draw 5d12, Shooting: Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle 5d10, Sneak 2d6, Speed Load 3d10, Teamster 3d6

Mental: C:2d10, K:2d6, M:4d8, Sm:1d10, Sp:3d8

Animal Wrangling 5d8, Bluff 4d10, Guts 5d8, Overawe 5d8, Ridicule 3d10, Scrutinize 3d10, Search 4d10, Survival: Plains 3d10, Tale Telling 3d8, Trade: Mining 2d6, Trade: Rail Building 2d6

Edges: Belongings 1 (a tough horse), Keen, Level-Headed, Renown 3

Hindrances: All Thumbs, Cautious, Loco 4 (desire not to settle down borders on the phobic), Poverty

Pace: 6

Size: 6

Wind: 20

Grit: 2

*inexplicably drops to 1d4 when doing domestic chores like washing dishes.

**inexplicably drops to 1d4 when attempting social function activities such as square dancing

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