Two Women

This is the story of two women. How they met on the internet using a
chat program call ICQ . How they fell in love and began a journey together to
build a life for themselves as a couple. The pitfalls and adventures they encountered along the way
trying to make things work. This is neither the beginning of the beginning or the beginning of the
end. It is mearly the beginning.

You will find what we hope are many interesting and informative links. These include delving into the pitfalls and potential happiness of married lesbians coming to turms with their sexuality. Also we look into the realm of Bi-Polar and depression issues with hopefully some insightful thoughts as well as links to sites that you may find valuable. We've also included a bit of a family album. This is our way of sharing our varried backgrounds with you,our internet neighbours.

Of course there are some links which we've found interesting for lesbians, young and beyond. Joy is a gifted poet who has been published a few times over the years. I'm hoping to convince her to share some of her wondeful poetry with you all.

I'm am also including an information page about Saskatchewan, my adopted province. Since I'm originally from Ontario. Its been a new and wonderful experience to discover and learn about this great pairie province that provides so much of the crops we take for granted in our daily lives. This history of this province is a proud one, and I hope to share some of that history with you along the way.

So please sit back and enjoy your visit. I hope you'll come back and visit us often. The site will of course change and hopefully grow.

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