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After six long years of saving funds and going through a slow transition process, I have finally completed my physical transition.


I started my process in 1999.After several years of saving funds for orchiectomy, electrolysis (116 hours at E2000), HRT (from November 2001), and a hair replacement system, I was finally able to legally and socially transition, and have been full time since December 30th, 2002.Five months later, I moved away to a new location and I now work and live among neighbors and coworkers who know me only as Sherry.After saving funds to finish my transition, I had my SRS plus a trachea shave performed by Dr. Kamol on October 3rd, 2005.In April 2006 I was finally able to correct my birth certificate and Social Security records.


I donít identify as transsexual or transgendered.To be transgendered, one must be out to other people, but I live a stealth life.Because I am known simply as Sherry, a single woman who appears younger than I really am, and I donít wish to be known as anything else, I canít honestly call myself transgendered.Transgendered was what I was when I pretended to be a man.I was born a girl in a male body, and only became transgendered when I started pretending to be a boy to appease my parents and peers at the age of four or five.Once I started living as my true self Sherry and relocated to a place where people didnít know my past, I ceased to be transgendered.


To be transsexual is to have the genitals of the sex that is opposite oneís inner gender.Dr. Kamol has removed those incorrect genitals and replaced them with correct female genitals.Consequently, Dr. Kamol has cured me of being transsexual.


While I can no longer identify as transgendered, I still support those who are transgendered and those who choose other paths in life, and I appreciate the efforts of those who work to bring about a better understanding of transitioners and laws that would help transitioners in employment and everyday life.Whether you would call yourself merely a woman, or a transsexual woman, non-op transsexual woman, or a transgendered woman, I would still consider you a woman.I did not go through this process to make up and then enforce limiting labels on other people.I went through this process only so that I could be myself.


I have removed much of my personal information from this site, yet I maintain the informative aspects, many of which are seldom discussed on other websites.I still maintain several friendships with people in this area who are transitioning or are transgendered.I also make occasional phone calls to mom, and have contact with some friends in the area where I had first transitioned.This way of moderate stealth works well for me.



Update: April 13th, 2009


Today is the tenth anniversary of my orchiectomy procedure in Dr. Spectorís office.Ten years ago I took the first of many steps in my long journey to becoming my real self.At the time I felt immense relief for having testosterone removed forever.


Today I feel a different type of relief.My tenth anniversary of my orchiectomy is also the starting date for my new job.After being laid off last July, I did complete my associateís degree in computer science.While I attended school, the national and global economies took a dramatic turn for the worse, and by the time I started looking for work in December, unemployment was rising rapidly.I consider myself very fortunate to have found employment, even if it does pay less than what I used to make in my previous employment.Considering that my employment starting date fell on the tenth anniversary of my orchiectomy, I feel that I was meant to have this job.


I have one piece of sad news to report.A number of people have sent E-mails informing me that Dr. Kimmel has retired.While transitioning transsexuals will continue to have a number of other resources for orchiectomy, Dr. Kimmelís retirement leaves non-transgendered men seeking orchiectomy without a surgeon to go to.I do hope that someone will start performing orchiectomies in Dr. Kimmelís place soon so that non-transgendered men will have a safe means of obtaining orchiectomy.


I will continue to be very busy.So I will not be able to answer all of my E-mail, while responses to E-mails I do answer could be delayed for days or weeks.Please read my contact page for more information.


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Castration / Orchiectomy††

I describe the reasons I had this surgery, the procedure, and most importantly, the aftereffects of orchiectomy.I have also written a couple of pages to address the many questions that others considering this procedure have asked me.



Hair replacement by Apollo

I write about the Apollo hair replacement system and address many of the questions others have asked me about hair replacement for those transitioners who have suffered serious hair loss.



legal name change in Arkansas

The process for my legal name change in the state of Arkansas



Reflections on My Real Life Experience

I wrote about some thoughts and reflections about the first two years of my RLE.



Outed By Social Security

As a result of inconsiderate policies, the SSA may out you at work if you are pre-op or non-op TS, or even if you are post-op and havenít yet bothered to change the gender marker on your Social Security record.



My SRS Page

I finally had my SRS in October 2005, and life has been a lot more comfortable ever since.My own SRS experience, from many months of preparation and anticipation, to my feelings ever since my surgery:

Part I: Anticipation

Part II: Bangkok or Bust

Part III: Recovery

Part IV: Return to My Life

Part V: SRS In Retrospect

About SRS with Dr. Kamol

About Thailand




Passports for Transsexuals Traveling to Thailand for SRS

If you are a US citizen and need to travel abroad for your SRS, you can obtain a temporary passport which is valid for one year and lists your sex as female.After SRS, you can easily have this passport extended to ten years.



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