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Welcome to our WebSite!
    Being the prodigial son of mutual boredom and delusions of paintball grandeur, the Screaming Munkys Scenario Paintball Team was officially recognized in February 2002. Our team is fearless and ready to strike at all times. We love to take the tough missions and get in the thick of the firefight.
    We have participated in a number of 24 hour scenarios, play various 8 hour scenarios, however still love the thrill of some "outlaw ball" as a team and among new friends. One of our most notable achievements was when our captain was picked to XO in only our 2nd 24 hour scenario. Future events include, Wayne's games, MXS games, Old River Scenarios, and anything else that entices our appetite.
    When we are on the field we play hard and strive to win, but not by compromising the sportsmanship and comraderie of the game.
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Here are some pics from some of our games
Weapons Gallery


Purple Heart Award
Justin "Spanky" Adrick- The Tet Offensive 3/23-3/24 2002

Excellence in Leadership-

Kyle "Sarn" Bird- Battle of the Planets 4/7/02 (General)

Purple Heart-
Al "Alias" Maralit- Battle of the Planets 4/7/02 (XO)

Purple Heart-
Billy "Yogi" Snay- Battle of the Planets 4/7/02

XO of Allied Forces-

Tripp "Cap'n"Turner- Operation Overlord 5/25-5/26 2002

Media Coverage-

Scenario News Magazine- May 2002
Screaming Munkys- "Guerilla Conflict Part I"- Weekend Warriors Paintball 7/20-7/21 2002
Media Coverage-
Paintball 2 Xtremes Magazine- August 2002
Purple Heart-
Anthony "Griz" Ferris & Justen "Zero" Mann- The Grinch Steals Christmas-11/30 2002
Award - Most Valuable Team-
Screaming Munkys- "Guerilla Conflict Part II"- Weekend Warriors 12/28 -12/29/02

General of Pakistani Fo
Tripp "Cap'n" Turner - "BlackHawk Down" - The Paintball Park - Ft. Myers, FL  3/29/03- 3/30/03

XO of Red
Tripp "Cap'n" Turner - "Enemy at the Gates"- The Painball Park - 6/26 - 6/27/03

Award- Most Va
luable Team-
Screaming Munkys - "Enemy at the Gates" - The Paintball Parkl 6/26 - 6/27/03
Most Valuable Team
Screaming Munkys-"Stargate"-OrbitalPB-Tampa, FL
9/13-9/14 2003                       
"Munkys lead the way...all the way"
Bad Monkeys - The other primates of PB
Dirty Dawgs
Team Biohazard
Team Fugitive
Team Quikfire
Old River Paintball
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