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Alfenloch Saragh Jessica

Our Beautiful Alfenloch Rough Collie

Alfenloch Saragh Jessica


A wonderful tricolor Rough Collie dog,
thoughtfully bred for beauty, health, temperament, intelligence and complete soundness throughout.
Our faithful companion Collie dog and "soul" mate, trained in obedience and endurance.
Breeder, Alfenloch Rough Collies & Shelties, Ontario, Canada

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Quote from Irving Litvag from his biography on Albert Payson Terhune
(author of "Lad: A Dog" and others),  entitled

.... "You took this Collie dog and you told stories about his greatness and goodness and love and eternal loyalty, and with your story telling skill, you made us actually fall in love with a Collie dog !  And he became the dog we always wanted to have and never did.  Maybe even more than that.... maybe he became the friend we always wanted to find, or even the brother or the father.  And this authentic-imaginery dog...  this Collie dog took hold of us and won't let go."

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"Saragh" is pictured at our home, and is owned and loved by:

Deb Harnack and Mike Walloschek
Kitchener, Ontario

For Collie camaraderie:
Send us E-Mail at:

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Up-dated November 25, 2008


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