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Welcome to Sam's Garden!
Site Overview

Why I love Sam: a list of reasons why I love Sam and quotes from the books to back them up
About Sam: Sort of about Sam. It's actually an essay type thing I wrote.
Fan Art: Works of art created by the fans
Pictures: Pictures of Sam
Wallpaper: Sam images for your desktop
Greeting Cards: Not working right now!
Comics: Comics featuring Sam
Polls: Vote on Sam-related topics
Cliques n' Stuff: Sam/LOTR cliques I've joined, LOTR quiz results, etc.
Guestbook: Tell me what you think of my site, and tell your fellow fans why you love Sam
Link me: Put a Sam's Garden banner on your site
About me: Learn about me: the creator of this site!
Links: If you really want to leave my site, here's a list of other Sam/LOTR sites to visit.


An e-mail from a visitor to this site (as well as the guestbook entries) have inspired me to want to update this site again. Nothing has been done yet, but I plan on fixing the greeting cards and any other little problems around the site, and maybe adding some stuff too.

The greeting cards section isn't wroking. (Yes, I know, it hasn't been working for ages, sorry about that.) I can't find a free image hosting site. Image Magician is supposed to be working again some time this month, but it's getting close to the end and it still isn't working!

I also updated the "about me" page again. It's been so long I had to update my age again! I also put my AOL and MSN names because some people in my guestbook have expressed interest in talking with me about Sam. I'd be very happy to do this! Just say "hi, I visited your Sam page..."

12-12-02 Updated the "about me" page. (Yes, I know, I'm such a fascinating person! JK) Some of you may have noticed (if this isn't your first visit) that the "Hobbit Craze" link has been taken away. That's because I simply don't have time to run that site in addition to this one. (see "about me" to get an idea of what else keeps me so busy since it obviously isn't this hardly-updated site!) Anyway, more updates to come. (Yeah, yeah. I know I've said that before. Cross your fingers!)

2 Well...It's been a long time. I'm very sorry about that! I have 2 major obsessions: LOTR and Star Trek. I've been feeding my ST obession a lot recently, so that's why I haven't updated. I have been trying to stay on top of the latest TTT news, of course, so I have many beautiful new Sam pictures to update with...but I'm in a huge rush right now so I can't. Hopefully it will be soon!

2 Someone finally sent in some wallpapers! Go check them out in the fan art secion.
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