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This page shows how far I have come with my website.  It shows the development in my web design skills, and how my websites have "evolved" since my first page.


This was my very first page.  Which was hosted by AOL Hometown.  This page was generated all by Hot Dog Express.  At this point I had no knowledge of HTML or how webpages worked.  This page consisted of one page, a few pictures and a little bit about me.  The coolest part of it was the sound that played in the background.  I even had the AOL Remote Instant Messenger.  The background was from a Win98 theme from the movie "Friday".  You can still view this page by clicking here.


This page was roughly what my second page looked like.  I moved on to where my site is located now, Geocities.  I now had FTP capabilities and knew a bunch of HTML.  This page was written all by hand.  Which means I used no Programs to make this.  I wrote all the HTML in Notepad.  I dont know where the pictures are so in this picture they are not present.  This page was the main page of 3 pages, main, audio section, and car section.  I actually won an award for this page but I'm guessing that a few people won this award because the page was not the best.  I had made most of the images on the page with Windows Paint, no fancy Photoshop.
This was my third page and it was very good.  I made all of the images on this site, which was a set of 4 pages, main, audio section, car section, and a links page.  The links page had links to different automotive webpages.  I had been updating the audio section alot.  The audio section had many songs that I mixed myself.  Two Winamp Skins that I designed were also shown.  Since my website has been hosted by Geocities, I have gotten over 8000 visitors to my pages.  Right before I updated to Version 4.0, I had nearly 700 visitors a month.  I was very excited.  I hope to get in more visitors than that with my newly redesigned page.

Ryan Ball 2001

Audio PageI have added a few songs to the song list.  If you would like to post your freestyles check it out.

Links PageI have updated the links and added a few personal links.

History PageI have added a history page to my website.  You can now view all the changes that have taken place since the birth of my website.

For Sale Section:  The For Sale section is no longer on my site because of the lack of people buying from me.  Not one damn person!

My Guestbook:  Please Sign and then View my Guestbook for me.  I like to know what visitors think.

Last Updated:  03/20/2002

Useful Links

Dirty Bay Records  An up and coming Record Label.  This crew is looking for talent and accepting demos.  They got some audio of mine on their "dot com".  This website has all the information you need to tweak your Windows XP OS to meet your needs.  Although Geocities gives people problems, I have had my site hosted for a few years so its reliable and FREE.

AolSpeed  Have you noticed AOL making your hard drive "grind".  AOLSpeed is a program that speeds up America Online.  And it really works.  This is a website that a my Computer Science teacher is responsible for.  Many topics like programming, code, and other stuff.

My SoundDomain Page  SoundDomain is a webpage that enables you to post pictures of your car or truck to show to people.  Check mine out!

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