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Version 4.0 is here!

Well, Ive finally given in.  Version 4.0 of my website is here.  But it came at the cost of peace of mind.  The previous versions of the website were "hand made" or written in html in notepad.  I did not use any website generators like Microsoft Frontpage or CoffeeCup HTML Editor.

But now, the hard work of figuring out hundreds of lines of code has done its toll on my website designing skills.  I am sad to say that I am now experimenting with Microsoft FrontPage.  But glad to say, the hard work is still there because it's hard enough just using FrontPage.  And I still get to refer back to good old HTML when FrontPage wont format like I want.  So enjoy V4.0 of my site!

Crave Mixes?  I cooked up a little mix of the a song from the new Ashanti CD, "Baby".  You think P Diddy used alot of samples.  The majority of the girl's album is samples, she even samples P Diddy.  Go Figure.  You can check out my RGBmix:  Scarface & Ashanti - Mary "Baby" Jane, on my Audio Page.

Attention!  Winamp finally published my AmpNSX-R skin so you check it out below, or go to Winamp's webpage and check it out here.  Be sure to leave good comments about it!


MomoAmp V1.0

I designed this Winamp skin to show off the Polk-Momo speaker systems.  Polk Audio and Momo have come together to design some awesome speaker systems.  I was inspired to make the skin when i purchased my Polk-Momo 12 inch subwoofer.  This skin was made with only Microsoft Paint.

Download it here.

Or at Winamp's website.

AmpNSX-R V1.0

I designed this skin after i saw pictures of a car that many people have never seen before.  The Honda NSX-R.  From the white wheels to the carbon fiber body panals, this skin shows it all.  This skin was made with Adobe Photoshop 6.

Download it here.

Or at Winamp's website.

Ryan Ball 2001

Audio PageI have added a few songs to the song list.  If you would like to post your freestyles check it out.

Links PageI have updated the links and added a few personal links.

History PageI have added a history page to my website.  You can now view all the changes that have taken place since the birth of my website.

For Sale Section:  The For Sale section is no longer on my site because of the lack of people buying from me.  Not one damn person!

My Guestbook:  Please Sign and then View my Guestbook for me.  I like to know what visitors think.

Last Updated:  04/08/2002

Useful Links

Dirty Bay Records  An up and coming Record Label.  This crew is looking for talent and accepting demos.  They got some audio of mine on their "dot com".  This website has all the information you need to tweak your Windows XP OS to meet your needs.  Although Geocities gives people problems, I have had my site hosted for a few years so its reliable and FREE.

AolSpeed  Have you noticed AOL making your hard drive "grind".  AOLSpeed is a program that speeds up America Online.  And it really works.  This is a website that a my Computer Science teacher is responsible for.  Many topics like programming, code, and other stuff.

My SoundDomain Page  SoundDomain is a webpage that enables you to post pictures of your car or truck to show to people.  Check mine out!

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