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Hockeytown is a community of citizens with an undying passion for the home team.

A community, that since 1926, has passed the Red Wings tradition from generation to generation.

A community that held its breath and shed a tear when Steve Yzerman lifted the Stanley Cup for the first time in 42 years.

A community full strength and support that rallies together in times of need. That never forgets their own and will always BELIEVE.

A community that gives their team a standing ovation even in defeat. Recognizing a team that mirrors the hard work and determination of the people who support them.

A community that is loyal, united, frenzied, compassionate and proud.

This is Hockeytown. Home of the most passionate hockey fans on earth.



Recently someone graded this site and more or less stated to me that he felt I needed a "Why I Am A Red Wings Fan Page". Personally if anyone remotely comes through this site for five minutes you can see I am a fan. As there is alotta passion displayed on the subject of not only hockey BUT The Wings & not to be left undone...The Russian 5 members also! I don't know ~ to me writing a cheesy page about the who's why's and what for's as to why a person is a fan seems more like something you'd have a kid do for homework. Or like when we would go back to school after a summer break those papers or essays we were asked to write. Remember all those "What I did for summer break" papers we'd turn in first thing? I hated those things as my summer was never that imaginative enough. However since there are SOME people out there who wanna know's simple.

I have followed hockey , sometimes passionately, sometimes not so passionately since 1994. I have watched teams like Tampa Bay Lightning (lived in Tampa 1990-1995) ; Colorado Avalanche (yes folks I lived THERE LOL)For those not in the know...there is a huge heated rivalry between The Detroit Red Wings and The Colorado Avalanche ! Yes their fans DO take sides! I lived in Denver between 1995-1999.And yes I do respect and YES, LIKE THEM. I like to tell people I am a HOCKEY FAN first and foremost.

Wherever I have lived I have rooted the local hockey team on . But I have also been a Red Wings fan much longer than I have lived in Detroit.I moved here the day Owen Hart died tragically. Which was in May 1999.Back to the WINGS.. I started being a fan shortly after they won the Cup in 1997. If anything you have to admire a never say die feeling this team has! They didn't allow a 42 year Cup drought & the naysayers who said they couldn't do it that year or ANY year take that spirit this team has away. Nor did they allow a tragic limo accident which took place just days after their 1997 Cup win & took away one of their best (Vladimir Konstantinov) stop them or dissuade them from repeating a SECOND year as Cup winners.

This is truly a team of winners. They don't know how to let each other down nor do they just roll over and "die". Nope no excuses here folks....

The true merit of a team in the end is how much character and "heart" it truly has.

The Red Wings are nothing BUT heart and character! You see it when you watch them play. They play as a unit, they are as a team in tune with each other and are Grade A Class Excellence!

They are as a team very involved with their community. The stories you hear of how Chris Osgood (he's the goalie for those who aren't hip to the team) didn't just spend the token 3 hours with the dying child from another state but 3 days! The story of how Sergei Fedorov donates $90 plus per goal that the Wings score to charity . Don't see many athletes do that! Plus Sergei took his signing bonus of a few years back and placed 2 Million of that bonus as a starting point of The Sergei Fedorov Foundation. He is now sending bright Detroit kids to college! Young people who otherwise could not afford to attend college. How about the fact that this team is as involved with the community as the fans are with their team! The "Heart Of HockeyTown " on their site shows that! The team is involved with alotta good causes . One being The Oakland County Child Abuse and Neglect Council". As someone who has seen worse days in her childhood I applaud that!

The Wings don't believe in token anything folks and when you add courage, perseverence and humility to the fire you have undoubtably something that is "simply the best".

Plus also each guy on the team are genuinely nice guys. Very often these days you meet an athlete or celebrity who will not take the time to talk to you plus they seem rather plastic and hung up on themselves. I have met Aaron Ward and find him very refreshing. I also have chatted with a few others who have met the players and tell me rather sweet stories. I have even seen pics of them at play and see The Wings as so much more than just a hockey team I follow. But genuine men with character and courage.

As to why I am a Russian 5 fan. All you gotta do is read their bios I have here . These are men who risked all to play the sport they love! Their devotion to it is just inspiring. Their skill at play often unmatched. They too personify eloquence, poise and intelligence with humility, valor and charm. Classy. Classy rates here with me ! It is unofficially their page here as I am pretty much a major fan of theirs. It is here you will find bios, stats and pages devoted ONLY to them.

Anyhow that is my "essay" . I hope that explains why I am so fond of those cool Detroit guys that wear winged wheels!

If you agree , say it out loud and let it be known! I have a guestbook and all it needs is some enthusiasm!!!!

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