Wow! That's all we have to say after our intense charged weekend in Jacksonville for the retreat. God touched our lives as we went through many speakers and worship services. Right now, we are so pumped up for god, we are ready to start a revival ourselves! A Very very very special thanks to Lee Ann, Jaclyn , and Daniel for speaking. Also to Matt, for the awesome, spirit-filled worship! Remember to keep this extreme pumped up spirit , and not just let it be an emotional woop-te-da, like Tracy said last monday! Thanks mainly to Jesus Christ for allowing his amazing sipirit to flow through us, even though we wern't worthy.

- Guess What! We have now got a site for you members of RAGE to send messeges back and forth. If you'd like to send a message to someone in the youth group, click on the link to RAGE Group!
-Remember your Speed the Light promises. We need to reach our goal! we are trying to get our amazing goal of $26,000!!
- CHARGE Christ Has Again Reinvented Generation Evangelist!
-Did you see the questions on the powerpoint? answer them in The RAGE Group!
- Birthday page coming up approximatly next week!
- Have pics? Want them on the site? Give them to Wesley, so they can be posted on here.

Please remember to focus while we are worshiping. Use this time wisely!

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Jeremiah 1:6 - 8
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