The NGO was established in 1992 with the idea to promote education and health services in the district. Informal contribution was made by the members in these fields. However, the members in 1995, decided to formally establish the NGO and run the programme with wider perspective. As such the NGO was formally got registered in 1995 with the Government and its offices were established in a rented building. Now the offices are shifted to NGO's owned newly constructed building having all the best possible facilities. Few more subjects other than health and education like environment, child right, women development, vocational training, education for special children, public library etc.. were also included in the Charter of the NGO. Since the NGO is working in a highly organized and methodical manner on various programmes.

            In the past NGO has undertaken many projects with the assistance of local and foreign donors and community participation. Now NGO is enjoying full confidence of donors, community and Government Departments monitoring the NGOs work. NGO is recognized at national level due to outstanding services to the people. People of the area have highly appreciated the services being provided by the NGO on non-profit basis. In fact the NGO has set new standards of community involvement in the identification of problems, proposing their solutions, baking best-suited plans as per local requirements and successful execution of these plans. At all these stages consultation with community and their physical participation is ensured to achieve the best results. In turn community has also given its full support in terms of time, materials, finances, land and moral support.

             An important aspect of the NGOs services is that the women have been involved for the first time in the development and educational activities at consultation, planning and execution level. Maximum employment opportunities have been provided to women. They have also been provided the opportunity of skill development and micro credit to enhance their family income by using their skills. This is the first attempt of this kind in this backward area to raise the status of women and make them important in decision making. Establishment of "Women Action Forum" is an outstanding effort of the NGO to provide a base to the women to get together., discuss and resolve their problems. They are provided full support to organize recreational activities for themselves. Individual support is also provided to needy women. They have also been provided special opportunities to benefit from the Public Library of the NGO, Computer College and Vocational Training Center


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