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Can you tell the difference between Disney's Chip 'n' Dale??  Most people can't.  Especially on e-bay!  So, from the expert opinion of a Chip 'n' Dale collector, here's how to tell the difference between them!


Chip @ Disneyland

This is how you would see Chip in a Disney theme park. 


* Black nose

* 1 tooth

* wide eyes


Dale @ Disneyland This is how you would see Dale in a Disney theme park.



* Red nose

* 2 teeth

* droopy eyelids


Here's how they look when animated in a classic Disney short.  This one is from a Donald Duck Cartoon "Out of Scale" (1951)

C & D in "Out of Scale" (1951)

The Qualifications are the same.  Some things vary (here Dale's teeth disappear for more facial expression, in some earlier cartoons, both noses are black) but it's basically the same.

 But there is one further qualification when they are animated in classics:

DALE:  messed up hair (fur) on the top of his head

CHIP:  Smooth hair (fur) on the top of his head

japan C&D
Top: This is how they appeared in their comic book.
Below: This is how they appear in Japan.
This difference is only in the original comic books & current Japanese art.

Dale:  fur color is light brown

Chip:  fur color is dark brown


Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers

In 1989 Disney Television created Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers.  Here the animators added clothing! (By the way the tall male mouse is Monterey Jack, the female mouse is Gadget Hackwrench, and the fly is Zipper)

The Qualifications are the same as the park & animated shorts but there's these further clothing qualifications:


* Hat

* Leather Jacket


* Hawaiian Shirt


This is from Disney's Snow White.  See the Chipmunks on & by her lap?

This is NOT Chip 'n' Dale!

Snow White (1937) was done prior to Chip 'n' Dale's first cartoon, Private Pluto in 1943



This is NOT Chip 'n' Dale!

These are the Goofy Gophers. Their names are Mac & Tosh. They are Looney Tunes and so are NOT Disney.


Recently, Disney has noticed the problem of people telling the difference between Chip & Dale.

So they have clarified things on the stuffed animals.

Chip:  has his name on his foot

Dale:  has his name on his foot


So now you know how to tell the difference!  Or do you?  Look at the background image.  Who's who? 

Highlight here (Chip left, Dale right) to find out!



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