Updates: Reviews for some of Gambit's Comic appearances, spoilers contained therein so be warned.
Recently I was introduced to the world of the X-Men,  and I was instantly hooked on the characters and the possibilites they had,although SOME X-Men stories leave a lot to be desired.
That aside I was instantly hooked on the characters of Gambit and Rogue, who in my humble opinion are the most interesting of the team. Their relationship (or lack thereof depending on what day of the week it is ;O) )was also something I found appealing.
Here was a girl who couldn't touch anyone, and a guy who seemed to be the love 'em and leave 'em type, yet they had come together to form a (sometimes) wonderfully romantic relationship.
Of course as of late the whole relationship has become rather twisted leaving us hoping that the writers get a clue.
Until then us humble fans will have to do the honours.
Last Updated: 4th May 2004
It's been over a year managed an update, mainly because I've entered University and have been very busy at work. I've gotten most of my comics back, although a few of them seem to have gone AWOL for a moment (I'm pretty sure they're in some box, I'll probably be able to dig them up, I hope! :O0 I went to a lot of trouble to buy them! Anyway I hope you enjoy looking about and feel free to sign the guestbook! :O)
Now for the Disclaimer:  Gambit and Rogue are property of Marvel comics, and I'm making no profit off this, so don't bother suing me because I'm flat broke anyway.
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And now some bad news:
I apologise for my long absence from updating this page, most of it had to do with Uni work. However, a month ago someone stole all my comics from where I'd been keeping them in the car (no room at home). As you can image this put a damper on my comic reviews and Apperances list.
Anyway I'm hoping to recollect the X-Men comics- hopefully a big comic fair will be held sooner rather than later.
Until then I'll update when I get the chance.
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