Welcome to my website.
You have just entered the home of a Proud Canadian.
My name is Linda. I am known as Canada Girl or Proud Canada Girl.
Why the name? It's pretty simple. I'm female, Canadian, and extremely proud of it!

I was born in CANADA, the best country on earth.
Please feel free to browse around and learn about my country,
the province that I am originally from, New Brunswick,
and the town where I was born, Dalhousie.

I also have a few other pages that may be of interest to you...
find out all about me (includes pictures),
my favorite drink, Coca-Cola,
a tribute to our Canadian Forces,
a page filled with some of my favorite links
and even a page on how to eat lobster.

I am always working on my site so please continue to return often
to see any changes or additions I make. All links for the above pages are below. Until next time, goodbye, eh!

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