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"I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice." -Albert Einstein

"Synchronicities are events that you attract into your life for various reasons. They make you sit up and take notice of what is important to you. You attract them to your life (grids - energy fields) - when you are looking for a confirmation or seeking guidance."

"In particular, quantum systems show correlations over such distances that it is very difficult to reconcile them with the picture of time painted by relativity and the picture of cause and effect with which we are all familiar from the earliest ages."

"If speech is sweet, the echo will be sweet; if speech is harsh, the echo will be harsh. If the body is long, the shadow will be long; if the body is short, the shadow will be short. Reputation is like an echo, personal experiences like a shadow."

"In the 20th century
we have vastly expanded
our embrace and comprehension
of the electromagnetic spectrum,
becoming more and more the master of it.
As we now expand
our embrace and comprehension
of the consciousness spectrum,
similar mastery is called for." -Noel Frederick McInnis

"Causal power is at least as much in the consciousness of the beholder as it is in things or events beheld. Accordingly, all of my experiences are reflective of causes that reside in my own consciousness. It is for this reason that I consider extraordinary faculties of consciousness to have no more special authority than ordinary ones. They are just different reflections of the same author." -Ernest Holmes

In the drama of creation, the wave precedes the particle. The reason for this is that subjectivity always precedes objectivity, or that objectivity can only be manifested in reality after it has first been created in the mind. So the creation of a physical world starts from a scenario of a sea of energy, of wave motion. Then gradually this energy condenses into matter. The interaction between wave and particle occurs through causality and change, or cause and effect.

The web of relationships is dynamic and so represents the events perspective. The objective object is the agent of objective causality. The subjective event experiences subjective change. Without objects there is nothing to originate causality. Without events there is nothing to change. Objects and events depend on each other. Neither an object-orientated theory nor an event-orientated theory can ever be solely fundamental. Theories based on objects cannot derive change: change has to be given as an axiom. Theories based on a web of relationships cannot derive cause: cause always has to be an axiom too.

As mankind evolves it needs to go beyond the constraints of causality if it is to achieve freedom. Causality means nearly the same as determinism, and is the result of confusion within the subconscious mind and ignorance within the conscious mind. Confusion and ignorance are kept under control by moral and ethical boundaries. This is the psychological basis of any view which claims that morality and ethics are fundamental to human progress...

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Properties of Light

Background Info.:  Electromagnetic energy comes in different forms because of the varying wavelengths of each wave.  Some of these waves we can see, some we can feel, and others can be extremely harmful.  Below is a chart of electromagnetic energy and its various forms.
The Doppler Shift

If a light source is moving with respect to an observer (or the other way around) strangely enough the Speed of the light being emitted doesn't change but the Frequency and Wavelength do.  The waves get ``bunched up'' [higher  , shorter  ] in the forward direction and ``stretched out'' [lower  , longer =  ] in the backwards direction.  Everybody know this effect in sound waves. (Think about the train whistle pitch as the train zooms past).

Diffraction of Light
Light bending around an object

Diffraction is the slight bending of light as it passes around the edge of an object. The amount of bending depends on the relative size of the wavelength of light to the size of the opening. If the opening is much larger than the light's wavelength, the bending will be almost unnoticeable. However, if the two are closer in size or equal, the amount of bending is considerable, and easily seen with the naked ey

In the atmosphere, diffracted light is actually bent around atmospheric particles -- most commonly, the atmospheric particles are tiny water droplets found in clouds. Diffracted light can produce fringes of light, dark or colored bands. An optical effect that results from the diffraction of light is the silver lining sometimes found around the edges of clouds or coronas surrounding the sun or moon. The illustration above shows how light (from either the sun or the moon) is bent around small droplets in the cloud.

Optical effects resulting from diffraction are produced through the interference of light waves. To visualize this, imagine light waves as water waves. If water waves were incident upon a float residing on the water surface, the float would bounce up and down in response to the incident waves, producing waves of its own. As these waves spread


Cosmic rays Background radiation; particles of enormous energy given off by stars.
Gamma radiation Deadly high energy given out by the sun and other stars.
X rays High energy used in X ray equipment.
Ultraviolet rays Invisible energy waves in sunlight, which cause skin to tan.
Visible light Basic colors of light, emitted by the sun and visible to the human eyeROYGBIV.
Infrared rays Rays of heat energy; sensed by our nervous system.
Radio waves Microwaves; TV; radio energy
outward in all directions from the float, they interact with other water waves. If the crests of two waves combine, an amplified wave is produced (constructive interference). However, if a crest of one wave and a trough of another wave combine, they cancel each other out to produce no vertical displacement (destructive interference).

This concept also applies to light waves. When sunlight (or moonlight) encounters a cloud droplet, light waves are altered and interact with one another in a similar manner as the water waves described above. If there is constructive interference, (the crests of two light waves combining), the light will appear brighter. If there is destructive interference, (the trough of one light wave meeting the crest of another), the light will either appear darker or disappear entirely.
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