Barely covering the bottom of the pond with white sand shows the beauty of the fish, however, if too thick, it can cause a gas which will kill the fish.
So proceed with caution, if you decide to use it.

A pond is a must for gardeners,  Watching the fish is sooooo tranquil.. They each have their own personalities.
The main pond, built in 1996 is 27 x 17 with 2 viewing areas, two waterfalls, and a couple of water features.Each year rocks are  moved and waterfalls are changed.
Two old water heater tanks were used as biological filters and     have been very effective. ( They finally rusted out after five years      and I transferred the contents to a 80 gallon water tank, which actually works better, giving the same effect as the $1,500 -$2,000 tank filters)  Water stays sooooo clear.
The fall pictured on the left is a whiskey barrel, surrounded by    rocks, and filled with filter media. This is used before the biology takes over in the large filters.
Two pumps are used which move 70+- gallons per minute
A second pond was added in 1998, with a small stream and bridge being the addition for 1999.
Lotus, cannas and many other water plants fill both ponds
Lotus blooming, also water lillies and, cannas
       Adding life to the pond
Blue liner shows clarity of water
One of the garden entrances
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