Welcome to Pattycakes By Jenna.  This nursery began its infant life in September 2004 after the death of my father.  I was home with family when I was taught the basics of reborning.  It took over my heart, my home and my life. I never thought making "dolls" could have such an impact on my life.   Boy was I wrong!

These "Dolls" are more than just dolls.. they are true to life babies.  To feel one in your arms is like holding the real thing!  I still cant believe it... I still feel with each baby that I will break it if I drop it, and that any minute it will start to breathe!  There is no expression for the way an artist feels when each baby comes to life right before their very eyes!.

I know there are alot of reborn artists out there, and some I have come to call friend.  Each baby I see is a true gift from the fingers of the artist who sculpts it, to the artist who reborns it.  There is an endless amount of talent out there and I am so very glad that I am among such a wonderful group of people.

Pattycakes By Jenna babies have been adopted around the world and now live in several different contries and states.  It is with great honor and pride that I make sure each baby makes it home to their new mommy in the safest and fastest way possible.  All babies purchased within the USA are shipped out 6 days a week and are shipped via USPS Priority mail, unless otherwise requested.

Once you have made your rounds in the nursery please make sure to visit the gift shop, as well as the links page where you will find the way to other nurseries.  Your heart better be ready to fall in love!

Should you have any questions please feel free to
e-mail me personally and I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Babies can be purchased directly through me by e-mailing me, or you may want to take part in an online auction on ebay.  Whatever the choice you make, I know that you will fall in love with a Pattycakes By Jenna baby right away!!!

Thank you again for stopping by!


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