Project Africa is a Cross-Cultural Missions oriented program being birthed out to promote a well-coordinated missionary program that will help move the church of Christ forward in the 21st Century. The projectís main focus is to raise several thousands of Career missionaries from Africa to reach out to Africa and the rest of the world.

The African Church is a direct fruit of the labor of love of the Western Church . Over the centuries western churches have had a well-coordinated support for the development and growth of the Church in Africa. The African church as it is today is growing at rate that is higher than that of the Western Church. Africa generally plagued with economic hardship and political instability over the years continues to partially depend on the Western church for support, strategy and encouragement to move forward. Though the church in Africa is vibrant today it continues to lean on the Western church somehow.  The church in Africa have not been considered as a Partner in reaching other parts of the world such Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and other places where there are greater needs of Christian laborers.
Against this background of the relationship between the Western church and the African church, we believe its time Africa begin to contribute largely towards a rapid revival and growth of the Western church. Whatever contribution Africa will give will depend largely on mutual initiative by both parties. Itís our prayer that together will reach our world with the saving gospel of Christ Jesus.

Under the Africa missions which is the starting point of the fulfillment of the vision of reaching out to the world we hope to mobilize resources and personnel to spread the gospel to the whole of Africa, win souls for the kingdom, disciple the souls won and release them into life missions. This missionary effort is to see every village, community, town and city saturated with gospel with many coming to the Lord.
The leaders all over Africa are sensing the need to move out beyond their local boundaries and contribute to the Great Commission. African Ministers are beginning to network more and more than before. There are now numerous opportunities all across the African continent to bring leaders together for training and expansion of the kingdom business.

Under the global outreach we hope to train and release Ministers from the Africa Missions to reach out to the rest of the world. The best gift the African church can offer the rest of the world is its human resources. Economically Africa seems not to be doing so well, that not withstanding we hope the church in Africa can release its human resources to help in places in the West and other third world countries where there Harvest is plenty but the laborers are few.

∑ Leaders from the Western church and the African church need to get together to work out ways of fulfilling this great vision.
∑ There is the need to set up a working committee that will oversee the fulfillment of this project.
∑ The church in Africa needs the support of the Western church in training and developing leaders for this initiative.

1. Build mission oriented churches/ people that will seek to expand the kingdom of God beyond the community walls.
2. Train and develop missionaries for Global evangelism bearing in mind that the Great commission is a worldwide commission.
3. Perpetually seek ways of releasing the trained into the mission fields.
4. Be committed to working in Partnership with the Western church

1. Partner with the African church in the training and the development of African missionaries for Global evangelism and life mission.
2. Help facilitate the release of the trained missionaries into world missions.
3. Identify mission fields in the Western world needing urgent attention
4. Help in strategizing and placing of African missionaries.
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