Omphalloptry for self awareness and personal spiritual development

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What is omphalloptry?

Omphalloptry is not a "cult" or "religion". It is in fact, a way of life and an organised system of spiritual practices and moral codes. Omphalloptry is (among other things) a system of meditation focussing upon the second chakra. It is entirely holistic.

Who practices omphalloptry?

Omphalloptry is compatible with almost all world religions. No changes of lifestyle are required. Thousands of people from different cultures have practised it throughout history. The practice is so widespread that it must have originated very early in human history. Famous devotees have included Lao Tzu, Nostradamus, Carlos Castaneda, James Redfield and Shirley Maclaine. Some commentators have even hinted at a possible Atlantean or extraterrestrial origin.

How can I practice omphalloptry?

Omphalloptry requires that the mind, body, soul, psyche and spirit, must all be focused upon the second chakra . Omphalloptry places a lot of importance upon a natural, wholefood, macrobiotic, organic diet. The lactobaccillus lattice technique plays a large part in omphalloptry Details of this can be obtained from our free booklet:

"Karma free wholefood cookery and the lactobacillus lattice technique"

Which can be obtained by emailing the The International Centre for Omphalloptric Science

Omphalloptry for a healthy, happy, wholesome planet

By practising omphalloptric Meditation (OM) and encouraging others to do the same, we sincerely believe that we can make a difference and change the world for the better. If everybody practised OM there would almost certainly be far less crime, human rights atrocities and rainforest destruction.

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If you would like to know more about Omphalloptry, please contact

Sri Pansang Tundie

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