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Latest Submissions

Latest Submissions

"This guy and I have been flirting since the beginning of summer, and in the last couple months..."

"I'm horrible at the whole "be open about your emotions" thing, but really want to let him know that I'm REALLY into him..."

"I've been involved with my boyfriend for 3 months. Up until this past week, he's been very communicative and forward with his feelings..."

"I just feel like he's shutting me out more than he had ever done in the past."

"...whenever I see them together they are always laughing or smiling at each other and this makes me really jealous and worried."

"How do you know if a guy really likes you or justs wants to get some?"

"I was wondering if a 16 year old girl and a 21 year old guy are dating."

"I have known this guy for over 2 years...He decided to break up with me last year."

"I am not sure if this is end of it or not. However, I would like to save this relationship."

"...we have had sex and I mean satisfying blissful sex...But I want to make him happier and learn more interesting way to get him enjoy the sex more. "

"I met a guy last May while I was in the end of a relationship."

"The first issue was his relationship with his ex-girlfriend (they had just broken up in May). She called all of the time, signed her messages "Love Ya" and always seemed to be in the picture."

"I have been best friends with this guy. About a year ago, he made a move on me.."

"..I really haven't mentioned another guy to him. But he feels comfortable enough with me to mention another girl that he likes."

"There was guy, we'll call him Josh..Josh and I met through mutual friends and began talking online a lot. We got along great."

"Things just went downhill from there. then he started acting all buddy at one point...only to tell me about all the girls he had slept with in the last five nights... "

"I have known this guy for a year. He flirted with me talked to me all the time at church."

" he won't speak to me he ignores me but he still looks at me from across the room..."

"Well!! ...the drama continues yet again!"

"..she decided to take her frustration kicking out the windshield in his brother's jeep."

"I met this guy while at work as he comes in on a daily basis to deliver mail and packages."

"I don't have any idea what happened but it was as if after I gave him my number things changed and I was treated very strangely."

"Recently have been involved with a man for 3 months."

"He treated me very badly one night infront of his friends by being rude and showing off."

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