Restification because this car will look original, as I like to see a car, but will perform better than it ever did new.

There will be the added posi rear and 3:08 gears. A new southern frame. Various chassis mods, still in the planning stages. Rebuilt 1971 350, built LJ code th350.

There will be a new interior with just enough done to the sound system to make it listenable. You should hear the exhaust rumble not the rear glass shaking loose, in my opinion.

The body will recieve some much needed attention around the windshield and rear wheel areas. I purchased a complete T-Top roof and will use it to replace the T portion of my roof.
And paint.

This page will move ahead somewhat at the same pace as my parts cars demise. As pieces are removed a few will be cleaned up and added as needed. 
June 23, 2003- Page started        Photo of restored console. Into storage until needed.
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