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..they called me crazy.. they called me insane... they called me Looney! ...and boy were they right!
~ Updated 09-12-02~
with l o o s e vvires to come here
You are number
..This is the bottom of the page.. what are you hoping for?

If you're here. You must be Open-minded.
Because yes.. Duhduh Duh. This is a
Slash / Yaoi Darkwing Duck
Site. I'm
NegaCrissy. Your Web Mistress. ( Bow before me! )
This is my little piece of perversion on the Web.
It's Called
Why? Cause 1) Megsy rocks.
And 2) Some twisted stuff can be found here.

This is site is dedicated to my pathetic life and the cartoon that started me into drawing. So Yah. You can view my cruddy artwork from like nine years ago. Woo huh. My New Art is much better.
Sites small right now. But help it grow. Contribute. Find me
Slash. Draw QuackerJack Snoogin on Megsy. Heh.
And if you find all this disgusting, Please

Any Ho. Enjoy. Leave a Note. And Let the Slashness fly.
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