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Enhanced anti Spoofing and anti-Emulator GPS
TRD-TECH and Navigation Systems and Integration is branch of TRD-TECH involved in research and development of prototypes for next generation of GPS.

Since commercial industries are moving more and more towards GPS based navigational system, there is a need to develop enhanced GPS systems that are capable of anti-Jamming, anti-spoofing, as well as, ability to aid navigation when there are no GPS signal available.

Recent advances in development of powerful and compact inertial systems such as MEMS IMU, as well as, high density DSP, ASIC and FPGA chips that are no larger than a size of US Quarter, allow RF designer and algorithm developers to design military grade
anti-jamming and anti-spoofing GPS systems that are tightly coupled with INS. We at TRD-TECH GPS & Navigational group are involved in this area, and will welcome partnership opportunities with others.

Next Generation of Airborne and Handheld GPS &NAV System

We are a small research and algorithm development company located in Dayton Ohio near the Wright Peterson airbase. We specialize in research and development of prototypes, and development of modeling and analysis simulation software. We develop algorithms and provide solutions, prototypes, and software for complex systems that require expertise in variety of areas. The solution for most complex systems, such as radar, navigational systems, remote sensing products, require good grasp of the real time and real world interactions between instruments, environment and external disturbances.

We are constantly exploring new and uncharted methods in Automatic Target recognition, reconstructing systems from partial information, encryption, detection, Navwarfare (GPS, GNSS, Navigation), SAR imaging, and advanced techniques in signal processing.


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