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2009-08-13 @ 2:33 pm

Two days ago, I said goodbye to my 1999 silver Pontiac Grand Am. It has served me well over the past ten years and four months. I traded it in for a blue 2010 Toyota Prius.

I had a number of folks, including my mom, ask whether it would be difficult for me to part ways with my Grand Am. It was, after all, my first car I ever owned. I took care of it. I did love the car. Saying goodbye was fine. I took pictures of the last odometer reading, my car keys, and my remote car starter. I have pictures of my car over the years and I kept the user manual. I'm okay.

While cleaning out my car, I noticed a strange part that was left by a mechanic. In a plastic bag, I have the round switch that you use to brighten or dim your dashboard lights.

I'll miss the service engine soon light permanently on my dashboard. The odometer reading lit up in red, which was definitely different and special. I'll also miss pulling into a gas station and being the only person unscrewing the gas cap on the passenger side. However, I'll always remember the road trips and the fond memories.

So, a new chapter starts with my Prius. I have paid for a third of the car already. I'm sure the bank is happy to not see me so often!

My Prius was scheduled to arrive in September, but it came a month early. It was put together in Japan and shipped on a ship to British Columbia. It then got on a truck and came to the local dealership.

I left work at 17:00 and drove to the dealership. I took the rest of my belongings with me, except for my seat cushion, which my salesperson took back to me.

My car salesperson, Dave, was cheerful and can certainly dress well. He is always in a suit. Today, it was a black suit, white shirt, and a lavender tie. Always cheerful, he greeted me, and we headed to his office. I handed my two keys, my remote car starter, and my car registration. It took no time to switch my plates.

We then walked to the car. Apparently, many of Dave's colleagues were commenting on my car's features. I have the technology package. I tend to be a technology enthusiast, so I had to. Dave gave me a tutorial on how to operate the car. I never got that with previous sales folks in the past. I then shook hands with the owner of the dealership. It was meet-the-staff night, which happens every second Tuesday of every month. Just my luck!

I did learn that my car seats have lumbar support. Woo hoo!

After the tutorial, we went back to his office to sign numerous papers. I put down my money and the deal was done. Incidentally, the dealership had free wi-fi, which I had to use. I then met Dave's boss. I could tell that he had just come back from a cigarette break. His teeth were yellow, stained, and warped. If I had a breath mint, I would have offered him one.

Dave took a couple of my bags and loaded them into my car. He then asked a man with his baby in a stroller to move out of the way as I pulled out of the indoor garage. I easily pulled down the window and thanked him. I then slowly admired the smooth handling of my car as I drove home.

The Prius will take getting used to. Pushing a button to start and stop it is different. I am a bit intimidated to back into a tight parking spot in a lot. I still need to get use to the width of my car. However, I can back into the driveway without any hesitation. There's also a camera I can look at as I'm backing up. It's helpful to see how far I am from the garage door.

I like my car. I couldn't be any happier. I just have to read the user guide now.


Song that's stuck in my head: Madonna's "Celebration"
Yummy food eaten today: Pot stickers
What I crave: Chocolate cake

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