Post-op Thoughts and Feelings part 1
11-23-02 Well here I am 9 days post-op and feeling like a Mack truck ran over my chest. But honestly, it is well worth the future outcome. Surgery went great, so my surgeon said, and I haven't had any major complications. I did have a low grade fever a few times and they even kept me an extra day because of it. With the first fever they took me down to have a CAT scan of my new pouch to make sure there were not any leaks and took me back to my room. A bit later they came back and said there were no leaks, but were ordering another CAT scan to make sure my lungs were clear...and they were!! YEAH for me! As for pain relief...the morophine and demoral didn't work and that was what I had for the first couple days, When I was finally switched to Lortab and Valium...I got some relief. The pain was still a 4 out of 10, much better than before.
I had the best supporter I could have ever asked for...Micah! he was wonderful!! He stayed by my side always and told me how proud he was of me and that I was doing a great job!!! I always felt more peace and more relaxed when he was there.   I am going to be back to update this when I get home after Dec. 3rd. I want to fill you in on all of it, but my memory of the first days is still a bit fuzzy...gee wonder why? I will do that soon after I get home. But I am alive and kickin'.

12-05-02 I AM HOME!! Boy does it feel good to be back at my own place. I am doing well and as of 12-3-03 I have lost 24 lbs! It is hard to believe it. I can really see it in my face. I am still on liquids and mushy foods with the occasional cracker. Yesterday I wasn't feeling so good, I think that I over ate my pouch or what I ate didn't sit well...that can happen, where one day something sits fine and the next day the same thing upsets your stomach...go figure. I am still taking naps when Madeline goes down. I am able to move more with less pain, I still feel like I did a few hundered too many sit ups but it is getting better everyday. I can't wait to feel "normal"... whatever that is. I also can't wait to eat some REAL food!! At six weeks I will be able to starting eating poultry...just in time for Christmas!! All in all things are going pretty well. Talk at you later.

12-10-02 Hello everyone. I am doing better with every passing day. I went and saw my primary care doctor and he said I was doing great. I do have a pocket of blood underneath my scar, he said that my body would either absorb it or it will drain out my incision. So hopefully my body will reabsorb it. I have a new favorite food...tomato soup with shredded cheese...with some spices!! Yummy! I have decided to not weigh myself but every couple weeks...the doc said once a month...lets compromise?? Everything is going great and I will soon be posting full body shots for pre-op and 1 month post-op!! So look at them at your own risk!! Talk at you later!

12-12-02 I finally ate chicken last night...YUM!! Ok, I am not supposed to have until 6 weeks, but I did. It went down fine and didn't come up!! Yeah for me! It was very moist which I think helped. I am only going to have it like once a week for the next 2 weeks and then I will probablly have it everyday! I LOVE CHICKEN!! I am feeling good and even went on a 20 min. walk today in the 50 degree weather and foggy too! It was nice though. Over the weekend I should be putting up the before(scary) pictures and the 1 month(scary but not as scary as before) pictures and will try to update them again at 3 months so you will see a bigger difference...hopefully. Talk at you later.

12-19-02 Yes, I know that there are no pictures posted. I took the one month and didn't really see a difference and don't want to post them yet. Maybe when I SEE a difference I will. Some of you may be disappointed and I am sorry for that. I do, however, know that my clothes are fitting looser and I am wearing things that I haven't worn since last year when I moved here. I gained a few pounds and then was on a plateau, which finally it broke and I am back down to where I was before the gain. I feel under the weather today and just want to go to sleep. I am also depressed. I don't know if it has to do with my not taking my medicine as I should, if it is because Micah has been in Reno for the last 3 days and Maddie has been an absolute PILL or if it is just the "weather blues". I have sucked at following doctor's orders. I try, but it is hard adjusting to only being able to "sip" water rather than gulp, drinking a shake that is made with milk everyday and eating very little. I haven't been taking my vitamins because everytime I burp, it smells like joke. I am sorry mom!! I just feel so bad today and like such a failure. I am hoping I feel better soon both physically and emotionally. When that happens I will update you all.

12-23-02 I am feeling much better emotionally than the last post. Much to my chagrin, I may be posting thoes hideous 1 month and pre-op pictures. I have been getting opinions from my WLS support family. I don't see the difference, but Micah says you can...we'll see. I went to the Dr. on Friday and I found out that I had an infection under my incision and put me on antibiotics. I went back for a re-check yesterday and it looked much worse and distended (almost ready to burst) so the Dr. opened it to drain out the "stuff". He said it looked good though and the infection was clearing up because just a very little bit of puss came out. I will be posting the before and after pics of that when I get them back. But all in all I am doing great and still losing pounds! Till next time.

12-24-02 So it finally happened...I threw-up. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I don't know exactly what I did to piss my tummy off...ate too fast, ate too much, didn't chew enough (which I don't really think is it) or if my tummy didn't like the onions in what I ate. But I was a hurtin' unit. If you get grossed out easily...just skip this entry starting now. The worst thing about it is that there is no more bile in my stomach and all I threw up was the chewed up food chunks. It was so hard to do because pieces kept getting caught in my throat and were all in my mouth. DISGUSTING!!!! Needless to say my tummy has been upset today and it has been a liquids and soup diet for today...I hope I feel better by tomorrow. Till then.

12-25-02 Merry Christmas! Today was a little better. Most of the morning I felt sick, but when I went to the in-laws for Christmas family dinner, I actually ate. I had some turkey, mashed potatoes, 1 slice of yamm, some green bean cassorole (I made it) and 1 little bite of stuffing and I felt pretty good. The amount of food would have covered a tea saucer, if even that much...But it was good. We had a pretty good time too. When we got home we found out that our heater isn't was 62 degrees in our house and we had it set at 70!! Hopefully they will be able to get someone out tonight, if not first thing tomorrow morning. Anyway, it was an alright day since the morning sucked, but I am not going to get into that. Talk at you soon.
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