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7-06-04- Wow what an exhausting last few weeks!  My sister went in for surgery and had things go wrong and weren't sure that she would make it.  She is at home and doing well...but she still has a long road to full recovery.  This was a very stressful time and as hard as I tried not to stress myself out...I couldn't help it.  I fly down to SD for the emergency to be by her side 6 months PG and all.  I don't think that too much harm was done other than lots of stress and lack of sleep.  All is going well and I actually gained 8 lbs this past month.  I am sure some of it was water weight since my appt was the day after I got home from SD and hadn't drank enough water I am sure I was retaining.  If not, I am still not upset at the weight gain.  I started this pregnancy at 169 lbs. (according to the Dr.'s scale) and I am currently weighing in at 174 lbs. at 6+ months PG!!  I will be having another ultrasound this Friday to make sure that he is growing on target.  I don't mind getting another chance at seeing my little man a little before he gets here.  TTFN!

7-11-04- I had another ultrasound on Friday.  He is measuring right on to the day!!  That was nice to hear.  The ultrasound tech asked me if I wanted to come in and test out their new 3-D ultrasound machine on the 27th of this month and I said sure why not.  It will be interesting to see what he looks like in the 3-D.  I am almost certain that it is free she mentioned nothing about price, she said that she is trying to convince Dr Gill (the main Dr.) that they need this type of machine.  She also told me to bring both a VHS tape and a DVD disk...she is not sure which the machine will have.  I will post the photos when I get them!!  All else is going well.  Getting anxious about the move, but it is a good anxious...I just want to hurry up and get it done!!  TTFN!

7-22-04- Things are going fine.  I had my last appt with my current OB, Dr. Pennisi, and all was fine.  I really like my OB and I am sad that I am changing but I am sure that Dr. DeKay will be great too!!  I am getting really anxious to move.  First we will be moving in with my in-laws for 2 weeks (Micah will be there for 1 and in the new house getting things ready for us the next).  I feel so helpless when it comes to helping with the move.  I can pack some boxes and sort thru stuff, but I am not able to lift them to get them out of my way.  I seem to be packing the hodge-podge type stuff and little things just around the house.  I feel bad that I am not really going to be much help in the cleaning department either... Oh well... I will find some way to make it up to him.  Keep you posted and hopefully I will have the "Our House" pages up soon.  TTFN

7-27-04- Well I had the 3D ultrasound today and little Mr. Gavin wasn't too cooperative...although we did get a few good profile shots.  I guess he just wants to keep us guessing on what he is going to look like.  He did though show us that he is still VERY much a boy and proud of it!!  The picture of his profile is on the sonogram picture page.  I was only 5 minutes but it was fun just to see a more realistic glimpse into his world.  The best thing is he is now head down...he turned sometime in the last couple weeks...last sono he was Frank breech (but down with his feet up by his head).  We are moving into the in-laws tonight and will be there until next week.  Micah goes to NV to sign the loan docs tomorrow and we do our walk thru on Friday!!  I have been having SO many panic/anxiety attacks and it is driving me nuts.  Everyone keep ssaying "Just relax everything will be fine"...but when you have never had them you don't understand that you can't control matter how hard you try.  It sucks...I just hate the feeling of being out of control, gasping for air and feeling sick to my stomach.  When we get the computer up and going in NV, I will be back to update and put a new belly pic up from this week.  TTFN!!

8-18-04- Well we are finally in our new house and what a crazy ride it has been.  We just got internet access yesterday!!  So I am going to try and get things updated here as quick as I can.  As far as things go with this pregnancy all is going fine.  I am pretty sure that he will come a bit early though.  I have been very uncomfortable and having braxton hicks contractions...even so real ones lately.  I have had some bleeding too.  I have pre-registered at the hospital and even got a small tour.  All the recovery rooms are private...a very big bonus.  I had one with Maddie and don't think I would have done well with someone else in the room with me as soon as the post partum depression hit that night!  I met Dr. DeKay and he seems like a really great guy.  He is very honest and seems to really care about his patients...he tries to deliver all of his patients.  I need to go rest in a bath and try to sooth my aching back.  I will be back very soon!!  TTFN!!

9-03-04- Well I have been trying to get on here to update stuff, but now that we have DSL and not has been taking way too long to connect and upload that I get flustered and quit!!  Now that I am here I am going to try and do as much as I can.  Things are going fine with the house...things are getting done slowly but surely.  Micah has only been home 7 days out of the month we have been here and it is getting old quick.  I have not been able to unpack as much as I would like, I need to take it easy...the last thing I need is to go into labor with him out in the Bay Area!  I am so uncomfortable and ready for him to come...but my mom left for Washington D.C. this afternoon and won't be back until the 13th...I really want her around when he decides to come...even if she can't be there for the birth I would like her to come up ASAP afterwards.  I am getting huge as you can tell from the pic on the belly page!  I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and quite a few real ones too!!  Just yesterday evening while we were in Reno doing some shopping I was having them for a few hours...they were not regular...but they were anywhere from 2-10 mins apart!  As soon as we got home and I got a chance to settle down and relax they slowly dwindled away...even though I still had some today...nothing like last night!  I have my next appointment this Wed morning and we'll see how it goes.  BTW-I have been dumping on all kinds of things and things I would not's bizzare.  TTFN!!

9-08-04- I saw Dr. DeKay this morning and all is well.  He said that we will start cervical checks next week!!  Yeah!  Maybe the contractions I have been having will have done something.  He also said that if the cervix is favorable that he is willing to induce labor at 39 weeks...that is if I want to...not so sure I would but we'll just have to see where I am at that time.  He said 10 days overdue is his max...that was good to hear.  I asked him if he could give me an idea if Gavin was small, average of large and he said he is average...probably low 6 lbs!!  That was nic to hear...I hope he is right.  I just was wondering if I was going to have a small peanut like Maddie again (5 lbs 11oz).  All is going fine other than the normal pregnancy woes and complaints.  TTFN!!
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