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Pics of baby #2 at 9 weeks 6 days!
4-5-04- Well we made the official announcement last month that we are having another baby!  The estimated due date is October 4th, 2004!!  We have had one ultrasound back on March 9th.  It was so amazing seeing this little bean's arms and legs waving around like crazy, seeing the heartbeat was also awesome!
     So far morning sickness has sucked.  It didn't really kick in until 8 weeks to the day!  But it's basically the same as when I was pregnant with Madeline...24/7 nausea!  No puking so far...knock on wood!  My nurse at the OB's office gave me some samples of Protonix (a drug used for reflux and heartburn which seems to work for nausea) and it worked great and as soon as I ran out it the nausea started up again!  The bad thing about the Protonix is it isn't covered by my I am going to see if she will give me something else.  So, we'll see tomorrow!
     My clothes are already too tight and I have had to start wearing maternity clothes... they are kidding when they say you show quicker with the second (third, fouth, etc).  Not to mention that my clothes were already a good snug fit with all the weight loss and needing to wear more "fitting" clothes.  I feel like with this baby I am going to be getting bigger than I was with Maddie...when I was 9 months with Maddie I looked like I was 7 months! 
     Things are going well.  With my home doppler (that Jen let me borrow...thanks girl) I was able to start hearing the baby's heartbeat at about 12 weeks!!  I counted it at about 160 beats per min.  It's too cool...even Maddie gets to hear it.  Madeline is just
SO excited to be a big sister and ever since we told her she wants to talk to the baby, give kisses to the baby and give big hugs to the is so awesome.  She had been begging to be a big sister for about a year now and it was great to finally be able to tell her.  We told her the day we had the ultrasound...we wanted to make sure all was going fine before we did. I will try to be better about updating and will post pics of the baby and the belly.  TTFN!

4-9-04- Thank goodness my nurse gave me some more samples of the Protonix!!  I am feeling much better again and eating a lot more.  I have been eating TONS of fruits and veggies and though that is good for me...I am in the bathroom more than I want to be...if you know what I mean.  Last night I was trying to listen to the baby's heartbeat and this little bean was all over the place.  I could only hear it for about 5 seconds then I would hear it move and the heartbeat was gone...I had to keep looking for it and found it off and on...I think this one is more active inutero than Madeline was.

I am scheduled to have my ultrasound on April 20th.  Normally they do them at 20 weeks but mine is scheduled at 16 weeks.  I hope we will be able to tell boy or girl!!  Madeline I pretty sure that it is a girl...and she is not does my niece, my friend Jen and my grandma!  But we'll just have to see.  It will be nice to know so that we can start preparing.  When I find out (or if bean isn't cooperating) I will post it here!!  TTFN!

4-15-04- Well my ulrtasound has been changed to April 26th and that will make me 17 weeks.  It had to be changed due to Micah's work schedule.  Today I am sick...not mentally...but I think I am coming down with the cold.flu that Micah and Maddie had last week!!  I hate being sick and PG!  It sucks that I can't take any meds that will make me feel one ounce better!  Hopefully this will end soon.  The Protonix is still doing it's job and hopefully I will gain a little of my lost weight back and that I will be within what the Dr's want me to gain.  Another really esciting thing that is happening is that I am really starting to feel the baby move!!  I can't wait til Maddie can too, I think she will love it.  She tells me already that the baby is kicking her and I just let her know that the baby is still to small to feel but soon she will.  I am going to go and take a rest again...maybe a shower if I have enough energy, before I go get Maddie from school.  TTFN!

4-16-04-  I called the Dr.'s office today and they said I could take Sudaffed (for sinus pressure) and Robitussin (for the cough) and gargle salt water (for sore throat).  I went to the drug store and the pharmasist and he said that I could take the Robitussin PE since it's plain Rob. w/ Sudaffed already in it and that I could pretty much suck on any Halls for the sore throat!!  Yeah!  I hope some of this makes me feel a little better!!  TTFN!!

4-21-04- I am one sick puppy! I have been for a week now. Thankfully the sinus infection is sarting to clear, but Tuesday Lynette said thay my childhood asthma has come back and that I may even possibly have pnuemonia... yeah for me!! I will be going to my primary Dr. tomorrow morning and having them check me out. She was just not real comfortable diagnosing me. She did give me amoxicillin and an Albuterol inhaler (SP?) I have not been cough as much but my chest still feels really heavy and I am still short of breath and if I breath too deep I start coughing. This afternoon when I woke from my nap my temp was 101. Tylenol brought it down to 100. I don't understand this since I am on anitbiotics.  Let you know how it goes tomorrow!

4-22-04- Today I was Amber at my primary's office...she said no pnuemonia!! Yeah! she did give me a prescription for a different antibiotic which is called Zithromax and a new inhalor to try, it's called doesn't have the aresol it is a powder disenser and you just breathe it in..weird, but seems to be helping better!! She also gave me phenergren (sp?) for my coughing at night.  Hopefully I will be feeling better soon!!  TTFN!

4-30-04- Well I am feeling back to normal again (or as close to normal that I will be).  I am still using my inhalor 2 times a day.  We have our BIG ULTRASOUND on Tuesday...we can't wait to see how the bean is growing and hopefully find out if this bean's name will be Gavin or Chloe!!  Tust me I will post it as soon as we find out!!  All is going well and i think I may have even gained a few of my pounds back...but we'll see on Thursday when I have my appt with the OB!!  My morning sickness I hope is gone...I am on my last week of Protonix samples and hope I woun't need more.  Wish us luck that the bean cooperates for the ultrasound!!  TTFN!
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